Low Income Housing Assistance in Vermont

The State of Vermont has been helping its residents with housing for many years, particularly those with extremely low-income, the elderly, the blind and the disabled people. For instance, the Vermont State Housing Authority has an estimation of 45 years helping the single mothers with low-income to access secure and affordable homes since its inception in 1968.

The authority serves a remarkable amount of 8200 households in the state to-date. It gives housing opportunities to these households. Visit http://www.vsha.org/ for more info about the housing authority and its programs. There are various programs that are made available for the households of these candidates to choose from. There is no discrimination in offering housing assistance to single moms with low-income. As long as minimum requirements which are guided by income limits, and other factors not of the financial nature are met, then housing can be accessed by everyone.

The programs that are up for grabs for single mothers in Vermont include, among others, are Section 8 Homeownership, Section 8 Rental Assistance, Shelter Plus Care, Family Unification Program, and Mainstream Housing Program. They are highlighted herein.

Section 8 Rental Assistance for single mothers in Vermont

The Vermont State Housing Authority administers the Section 8 Rental Assistance, Project-Based, and Moderate Rehabilitation. The Project-based and Moderate Rehabilitation programs are fixed to the property. The single mothers will be chosen from the section 8 voucher program’s waiting list in order to occupy the properties under these programs. If the mom is changing the property, she has to reapply for the assistance.

For Rental Assistance program, the single mom will be issued a voucher should she qualify for it; and that voucher will be provided subject to availability. Normally, the mothers are placed on a waiting list pending availability of funds in the program. The extremely poor mothers may receive preference over other applicants on the list. Even the disabled, the blind and the elderly over 62 years of age are given that preference. The victims of domestic violence, too, are given preference.

When the mother is in possession of the voucher, she has the right to go look for any apartment on the market in which the landlord is willing to participate in the program. Upon accepting the participation in the voucher, the landlord will be bound to maintain high standards of the apartment as the public housing authority will do routine inspection to make sure safety and health are on top. Moreover, the landlord has to charge a reasonable amount for the housing unit size chosen.

An amount of 30% adjusted from the single mom’s monthly income has to be paid by the mom to the landlords as part of the lease agreement. The housing authority will also honor the remaining balanced towards utilities and rental costs. The United States Department of Housing and Urban development funds the program. The public authorities of Vermont State administer the program to the residents. The authorities will also monitor eligibility into the program. The mom has to be within some limits of incomes to be able to receive help under this program.

Shelter Plus Care for single mothers in Vermont

Dedication of this program goes to those living with disabilities. The program offers a range of services that include social services, and rental assistance. The people living with disabilities are saved from homelessness into decent rental housing units, and furthermore given the services are value-adding to their lives.

Mainstream Housing for single moms in Vermont

The program is specifically designed for the disabled people who are still young. That being said, the single mothers who are still young, but disabled, can receive help from the program. It affords them opportunity to rent in private apartments virtually the same as Section 8 Rental Assistance does.

Family Unification Program for single mothers in Vermont

The Department of Social and rehabilitative Services cares for the health of kids. If kids are foreseen to be in danger of lack of shelter, they will be taken away from such parents to care homes. They can only be returned subject to presence of shelter.

The primary focus of this program is to offer rental subsidy to such single mothers from whom the kids were deprived. The program helps in making sure that the mother gets the help she need in terms of housing so that she can be re-united with her kids.

Section 8 Home Ownership Program for single moms in Vermont

Single moms who are receiving support through Section 8 Rental Assistance stand a chance to utilize their vouchers for Homeownership. The voucher will help them achieve the costs associated with homeownership. These include taxes, mortgage and insurance costs. Nevertheless, there is eligibility criteria needed to be met for the program, and these include;

,Minimum and maximum income limits should be met by the single mother
,The mother should be the current recipient of Section 8 Rental Assistance program.
,The mother must be employed on a fulltime basis for a minimum of 30 hours a week.
,The mother should be a first-time home buyer; or she must not have owned any home for a past period of three years prior to application.
,The mother should not have a criminal record
,The mom should not have a bad credit record, and
,She must not owe any public authority money.

These are only a few conditions mentioned. Visit the local housing authority to enquire about the specific rules that needed to be met for the program. And for more on the program, visit http://www.vsha.org/homeown.htm.

Single mothers in the State of Vermont have many reasons to smile because of many programs they have for housing needs. The programs give hope to the mothers that they shall never again be homeless provided they meet requirements in the programs, and they conduct themselves properly to avoid losing any of the program. The number of support programs in Vermont is not limited to the one given in here.

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