Low Income Housing Assistance in Utah

The State of Utah has a mission to provide energy-efficient, decent, healthy and affordable housing to the residents of the state who seem to battle in having these houses. In accomplishing its mission, the state has programs of assistance to its poor single mothers. The poor single mothers may be the ones with low-income, the blind, the elderly and the disabled. Therefore, a single mom in the State of Utah can benefit from many programs because some programs are specialized, and they are designed for a particular group.

Programs like Section Housing Choice Voucher are applicable to all the groups. Thus single mothers can benefit from this federal program administered in Utah by various housing authorities in different counties. The program is funded by the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Department of U.S. The sole purpose of the program is to help the struggling single moms find their accommodation of interest. Upon finding that accommodation of interest, the mother will receive rental subsidy from the program.

How does Section 8 Housing program work for single mothers?

First of all, single moms need to apply with their local housing agencies. Each local housing agency has its own way of operating. They are subcontracted by the state. Taking reference from the Utah County, Section 8 housing is offered to low-income single parents as long as they are the residents of the state.

The moms need to meet criteria for admission before applying for the program. For more info on the program, visit http://www.housinguc.org/section-8/. This site takes you to the official website of the housing authority of the Utah County as the manager of the program. It will furthermore give light with regard to eligibility info and other relevant info.

In general, the Section 8 rental subsidy program works by providing affordable homes for rental to households with low-income and other factors. Other factors include residency of the state or legal immigration (alien status). The moms, after allocation of the voucher, they have 60 days to go locate the housing unit that they can rent under the program. The unit chosen, however, has to meet the standards of payments as found the above website, http://www.housinguc.org/section-8/. There are displayed hereunder;

Payment standard for rooms
Fig.1. Payment standards for Section 8 rental assistance rooms

In terms of paying for the room chosen, the program will pay the part of the rent, normally the larger portion, and the mom is bound to pay at least 30% of her income she gets monthly. If the mom has chosen the unit which exceeds the above payment standards, she will be accountable for that difference. However, the difference should not cost her more than 40% of her income.

How to apply for the rental assistance in Utah

To apply for the program, you need to do that with the housing authority in your county. Check with the authority that which documents are needed for processing of application. But mostly, you need to identification document, social security card and proof of income. These documents qualify one to be put on a waiting list until the voucher is available for issuing. The period that the voucher may be available may take longer than a year. To the elderly, the very low-income single mothers, the disabled and those living with visual impairment the waiting list may favor them. They are prioritized on the waiting list.

Note that engagement in drugs or any criminal activity may jeopardize the voucher. Therefore, the single mother must refrain from these activities if she wants help. Bad credit record also may have negative effects on the voucher.

Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund for single moms in Utah

This loan program has the primary aim of developing low-rent housing for very low-income residents. The rent and income limits are established by the Housing and Urban Development Department of U.S. the department updates these limits on an annual basis. The single mothers can apply for the program with the local housing agency.

Public Housing assistance for single moms in Utah

The single moms with low-income or disabilities in the State of Utah have the opportunity to be placed in state-owned apartments under the program Public Housing. The state determines the struggling families that earn less a month that may not afford to provide all the basic household’s needs. The state owns apartments that are suited for poor residents. Eligibility is determined based on income limits and other non-financial qualifying factors.

Similar to Section 8 rental assistance, the single mom is expected to pay at least 30% of her income in this program. She pays it to the state since the state is now the landlord unlike in the Section 8 Voucher program. Some rules still apply. To explore such the mom needs to visit the local housing agency to enquire. Find the local housing agency at http://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/utah_housing_assistance.html.

Furthermore, the public housing assistance is fixed to the housing unit the mother has been placed in unlike the Section 8 program which is mobile. Thus a new application will be needed for relocation to another area.

Emergency Grants for Homeless single mothers in Utah

The homeless single moms can also get help from the State of Utah. In most cases, the moms may experience foreclosure if they owned houses, or they’ve rented houses. This may be the cause of inability to maintain rent, mortgage expenses on account of reduced salary, termination of employment or any other circumstance that has led to inability to honor rental payment. That said, they may find themselves in crisis of homelessness. This may affect their dependents. To apply for this assistance and therefore avoid homelessness, visit your local housing authority.

The help for single mothers in the State of Utah is huge taking into account the number of housing programs. The state understands the emotions and struggles that these moms go through with regard to housing needs. Housing costs are generally high in the state.

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