Low Income Housing Assistance in Texas

Housing assistance in Texas for single mothers

The housing authorities in the State of Texas work in synergy with the state in providing affordable housing to Texans. There are numerous of these housing authorities each responsible for a certain number of counties statewide. The responsibility of the authorities is broad in a sense that they monitor the progress of the housing programs; determine eligibility and other related issues.

The housing authorities do offer, among others, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, Homeownership Program, Public Housing Program, and Family Self-sufficiency Program. Only a few programs are mentioned here. There is a plethora of programs in this state, which deals with housing aid. Some programs in addition to the ones already mentioned include but still not limited to foreclosure prevention, emergency assistance, and other low-interest housing loans offered by various non-profit organization and governmental entities. For more information on housing aid visit the local housing authority.

Now consider the Harris County Housing Authority. The authority offers low-income families the Housing Choice Voucher program, Homeless prevention program, Homeownership program, Family self-sufficiency, and Public Housing program. The mission of the authority is to enhance self-sufficiency, economic stability, and sanitary housing among residents in the State of Texas. Find more about the programs from its website http://www.hchatexas.org. The programs of housing assistance provided by this public housing authority are mention in here.

Other housing authorities also offer similar programs as this one does. However, rules may vary from one authority to the other. These changes may be witnessed in the eligibility rules and closing dates. You may find out that, for example, the housing authority of the City of EI Paso has closed its application process while Harris County Housing Authority still takes in applications. This is mostly caused by the larger number of people on the database that are waiting for assistance.

The programs at Harris County Housing Authority in the State of Texas are mentioned hereunder, but only a few are;

Housing Choice Voucher Program for single mothers in Texas

The Harris County Housing Authority has been subcontracted by the State of Texas in the year 2003 to help with housing aid programs to the public as a non-profit organization. It has opened its application process on the 18th of August 2008, and has promptly received about 21000 applications for housing needs. That is a huge number, and thus every applicant is put on a first-come-first-serve basis on the waiting list which might take long for a single mom to get housing voucher.

A single mom can apply online for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. There are documents that she needs to submit for approval. These include proof of income, proof of residency, social security numbers, and others depending on the requirements set by the authority. After applying, she will be put on the waiting list, and will be notified through email when the voucher becomes available for her. If she has suffered from domestic violence, or she is disabled, has a very low-income, or she is an elder, she might get preference on the list.

The Housing and Urban Development Department requires the housing authorities to prioritize the indigent residents over moderate- and low-income residents. It demands 75% of the vouchers to be granted to those with income level ticking below 30% of the area median income.

After being notified of the available voucher, the mothers will be called for an interview. This interview will further determine their eligibility. Thus they have to submit their documents and must meet the income limits. The selected single mothers will be addressed about the responsibilities they have while under the voucher assistance. From that address, they will be issued a voucher as a ticket for them to look for an accommodation to rent in.

Inspection of the accommodation is needed after the mother has selected one. The house selected must comply with the housing quality standards which enforce safety and health. Once the house has been approved, the single mother will be bound to sign a lease agreement with the landlord for rental approval. The mother has to honor the 30% of rent she is liable to pay in addition to the balance paid by the housing authority to the landlord concerned. Note that the 30% payable is not fixed; it depends on the payment standard chosen for the apartment. If the mother decides to choose the housing unit that exceeds the payment standards with rental payment, she will be responsible for that difference of amount which may not exceed 40% of her income.

Independence Homeownership Program for single mothers in Texas

Single moms who are receiving Housing Choice Vouchers are also given an opportunity to own the homes through Independence Homeownership Program. The mothers must have a stable income that can manage mortgage expenses, and must have a good credit record which shows her willingness to pay debts. There are supportive services like homeownership counseling offered in the program.

The single mothers must meet a few qualifying criteria for the program. Full information is available with the housing authority applied with. View more info at http://www.hchatexas.org/assistance_families.html.

Some of the criteria to be met include but not limited to:
,First-time homeowner, or has owned a home previously after a period of three years.
,No criminal record. The single mom or any of the children should, by any means, not have been convicted of crime. That jeopardizes the homeownership voucher.
,No bad credit record. A bad credit record will jeopardize the homeownership voucher. The mother should not have any owed amount to any of the public housing authorities in the State of Texas.

Single Residency Occupancy for homeless single mothers in Texas

The single mothers who are homeless are helped through this program. That Harris County Housing Authority has a lengthy experience of 10 years serving the residents of Texas with homeless aid amounting to 3.3 million. To apply for the program, go to your nearest housing authority.

Even though a few programs in the Harris County Housing Authority are mentioned, there are some more programs and housing authorities in Texas. The main aim behind the authorities is to help the low-income residents of Texas as determined by the eligibility criteria.

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