Low Income Housing Assistance in South Dakota

South Dakota Housing Development Authority has made its commitment of providing affordable housing to low-income people since the year 1973. Many people have been helped since that era to so far. It is the sole objective of the state to help provide quality housing to every resident without any discrimination of color, gender or anything. Therefore, single mothers can benefit from housing assistance in South Dakota (SD) provided they are residents or legal immigrants.

There is a multitude of programs that are established to help these single moms who battle to rent or buy themselves homes due to low-income constraints. Household commitments for single moms are numerous and at some points hard to meet all of them. Provision of shelter is yet another commitment a mom is bound to do to her kids as a basic need. The State of SD has programs of assistance to these mothers.

The programs such as Governor’s program, Section 8 (Project- & Tenant-based) and Emergency Solutions Grants Program) and Public housing can come in handy for the poor families. Income limits and some requirements are enforced to make sure that the deserving households are given the help they need most.

Governor’s House Program

This housing program has been established in the year 1996 with the mission of providing affordable homes to families with low-income. The program sells low-cost homes with minimal maintenance to low-income households. To so far, 1900 homes have been sold to the senior citizens, disabled people, blind people and low-income families.

The Governor’s program is awarded on the basis of financial neediness. Low-income families may battle to buy themselves secure homes so the program is having a helping hand by selling low-cost apartments to these families. For a family of three to be considered eligible for this program, they shouldn’t have annual income which exceeds $51040. The counts of assets should be below $70000 and for families of senior citizens over the age of 62 years, the assets count should be less than $100000.

To apply for the program go to the SD Housing Development Authority. The program is open to anyone who is a legal resident of SD.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

This is a federally financed program and managed by the State of South Dakota to provide housing units to eligible low-income South Dakotans. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of the United States has initiated the program as the aim to alleviate homelessness that has been prevalent to poor Americans for over the years. The Section 8 program is financed in every state.

In the State of SD, the program has been contracted to public housing authorities (PHAs) who then provide safe and affordable housing to poor households in respective counties managed by those authorities. Every county has got its own needs. That said, the public housing authorities (PHAs) may determine eligibility and preference based on their needs. However, the general eligibility requirements are determined by the HUD http://www.hud.gov/.

The South Dakota Housing Development Authority administers the project-based and tenant-based Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program in addition to Rural Development and Home units. To apply for these programs visit their website at http://www.sdhda.org/. To be eligible for the programs you need to meet income guidelines as set out by the SDHDA. You must be a citizen of the United States and the resident of SD. There are relevant documentations needed to process your application and these include proof of income, proof of citizenship, birth certificates of your children, social security numbers and others. Further inquiries can be made with the SDHDA.

Project-based program allows single mothers to reside in the housing units subsidized by the State of South Dakota. The state subsidizes new properties in return for low-cost housing units. The mother has to pay her 30% of adjusted income on a monthly basis. Tenant-based program allows the single mom to choose any housing to her liking. It can be a privately owned unit and the state public housing authority has to approve that unit in comparison with the standards set by the HUD. Moreover, the unit has to be reasonable with rent. As done with project-based program, the mom will be expected to pay at least 30% of her adjusted monthly income. For the recipients of these programs, their eligibility will be determined on a yearly basis.

With Rural Development and Home units program, the focus is mainly on provision of housing units in the rural area for low-income households. Single mothers can apply for these units with their public housing authority in their county. There are standards based on size of units and income limits are also taken into consideration as qualification standards.

Normally housing demands are high and therefore the applicant should not be surprised by waiting lists in any PHA. If one PHA has its waiting list closed you may try the one in the neighborhood. However, in most cases, preference goes to residents of the county in awarding the programs. If giving the vouchers for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, preference goes to the disabled, senior citizens, the blind, the very-low-income single mothers, the homeless mothers, the victims of domestic violence and other critical conditions. Enquire with PHA to find out what the preferences are.

Emergency Solutions Grants Program

Those facing the lack of emergency shelter can get help through this program. The program funds non-profit organizations and some governmental organizations dedicated to helping the families facing shelter crisis. It is funded by the HUD. There is a wide range of services that are primarily designed to re-house the single mothers if they had lost their shelters, give them counseling and many more.

In the State of South Dakota single mothers are given a full attention in terms of their housing needs. The State of South Dakota facilitates a number of federal aid programs in housing to help the deserving low-income single moms for better development of their kids.

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