Low Income Housing Assistance in North Dakota

Housing assistance in North Dakota for single moms

The State of North Dakota has various public housing agencies that administer the housing aid programs funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development of U.S. The agencies have been contracted by the state to provide housing needs in various counties statewide. There are rental housing programs, affordable loans and other forms of housing. For single mothers rental housing might be suitable and worth the breath.

Apparently, the State of ND administers Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, Public Housing and Homeownership programs, to mention just a few programs that single moms can benefit from with their low-income. Therefore, to apply for the programs a single mom has to submit application to a relevant public housing agency (PHA). The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA), for example, can be visited at http://www.ndhfa.org/ for the number of programs it administers such as HUD Section 8 programs, HUD Moderate Rehabilitation Program and IRS Low-income Tax Credit Program.

NDHFA manages low rental houses and low mortgage financing. This public housing agency is managed by the Industrial Commission of North Dakota. The commission is composed of the Attorney General, the Governor and the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture. The agency receives funds from the HUD to administer the aid programs of housing. It is bound by law to only provide housing to low-income families composed of either disabled, elderly, blind, single moms or children.

The programs administered by this agency are detailed below.

HUD Moderate Rehabilitation Program ” this program gives rental assistance to selected areas such as Devils lake, Fargo, Valley City, Mandan, Grand Forks, Bismarck and Jamestown. How can you apply for this program? Well submit your application to NDHFA for approval. If you’re not residing in the vicinity of the housing units for this program then you must be willing to move into them should your application be approved.

You must meet income requirements, have no record of criminal activities, have no outstanding amount to any public housing agency and must be resident of ND. Upon approval, a security deposit of 30% is required to be paid by the single mother.

IRS Low-income Housing Tax Credit Program ” the program is offered on behalf of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is aimed at giving low-cost housing units with less tax. The apartments for this program will be relatively cheaper compared to normal apartments. However, you are expected to pay a full-rent; no subsidy of rent.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program ” normally referred to as HCV, it has been established by the federal government of the United States as a vow to end homelessness to low-income households. The program can be either tenant-based or project-based. Visit your nearest public housing agency to apply for the program. If North Dakota Housing Finance Agency is your nearest then you can visit it at http://www.ndhfa.org/.

There are documents that are essential for processing the application and therefore the applicant have to submit them. The agency will tell on the website that which exact documents should be brought along. Once approved, as a single mother you will be given 60 days to look for the apartment to rent in provided it complies with the quality standards required. Verification of eligibility rules will be done on an annual basis with all the approved applicants. Should it prevail that one of the members of the household has criminal record, the HCV will be forfeited.

One can apply for both the programs. However, you should note that the HCV of project-based is fixed and cannot be applied in any apartment except the one initially given. These types of apartments are those ones that the state has funded for during times of development or construction. The government has agreed with the property owners to offer reasonable rents to low-income people. The HCV is mobile with tenant-based program. It goes with the tenant not the property. One can move from other county to the other one provided prior approval has been made by the public housing agency.

Section 8 Homeownership program ” single mothers have an opportunity to own homes with the HCV given to them. As long as they have at least one year under the rental assistance program then they can consider homeownership program. However, not all public housing agencies may offer this program. Consult with your agency and find out. If it doesn’t offer the program then you might consider applying with another agency. How to apply? Take copy of social security card, copy of birth certificates of members of the household, copy of identity document of members over 18 years, copy of documents proving legal immigration status and signatures of those members over 18.

There is a waiting which is indicative of a substantial number of people applying for housing assistance programs. To solve the demand, there is a waiting list made on the basis of first come first serve. The disabled, the visually impaired and the senior citizens may be given preference in this regard. Those single mothers who are reportedly homeless are also eligible for preference.

One other program of help to single mothers is Public housing. The government owns units and then place low-income families in those units through this program. The occupants, like the HCV program, are expected to contribute 30% of the monthly income adjusted. The public housing agency serves as the property owner and thus the landlord as well of the indigent single mom occupying the housing unit. Go to the public housing agency of your county to apply for the program. There is also a waiting list for this program.

For all the programs the important things to note are the eligibility requirements. Income limits can be seen from the Housing and Urban Development of U.S on its website http://www.hud.gov/. Search by state and go to the State of ND.

Single moms in the State of North Dakota have a sigh of relief on account of the numerous housing programs provided by the state. There are indeed many programs and some pertain to loan programs at low-interest rates.

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