Low Income Housing Assistance in North Carolina

Housing aid programs for single moms in North Carolina

For a single mother looking for housing aid programs from the State of North Carolina, the website http://www.nchousing.org/need_help can help with the programs. This is the website belonging to North Carolina Housing Coalition. It serves as the platform for help with regard to housing programs that the state offers to needy families belonging to single moms. Alternatively, you may call the coalition on 919-881-0707.

The North Carolina housing coalition will help determine the types of help and resources you are in need of. It will check all the available resources on a database and therefore send you relevant and helpful information with regard to housing aid. However, it should be noted that this coalition is not accountable for housing assistance and thus cannot provide direct help but rather refer to relevant institutions.

It will give light about Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, Public Housing, Foreclosure Prevention, housing for the disabled, elderly and many more. These programs are what the state offers to single moms with low-income who find it challenging to afford their housing needs.

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers for single moms in NC

Single moms have the opportunity to stay in the homes selected by them through the housing choice voucher (HCV) program. The program helps with rental assistance to relevant moms who are looking for housing assistance. The mother has to apply with the local housing authority. In order to find the local housing authority in your county, visit the web http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/pha/contacts/states/nc.cfm. There is a list that has these authorities and their contact details. Moreover, you can inquire about the eligibility requirements for the HCV program.

The authority in question will help assess the building chosen for rental assistance. The building has to comply with the housing standards set by the Housing and Urban Development Department of U.S. It has to meet the recommended limits of rent payment. These limits match with the market rent of similar apartments in the area. However, these may differ from county to county, from local housing authority to local housing authority.

The single mother has to meet requirements for approval into the HCV program. Upon receiving the voucher, she will be entitled to choose any house in the private apartments. The HCV will pay portion of rent and then allow the mother to pay only 30% of her income adjusted on a monthly basis. That includes utility expenses and rent payment. The amount contributed by the mother shall not exceed 40% of her monthly income.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is subdivided into project-based and tenant-based. The tenant-based voucher has been highlighted already where the mother has to choose any apartment to rent. The project-based voucher is fixed to the subsidized apartment. The government subsidizes the property developers in exchange for low-rent housing. The single moms with low-income can therefore occupy the units. Rules are the same as if they were to rent in a private apartment.

Public Housing Program for single mothers in North Carolina

The state owns apartments of its own. In these apartments it places the low-income earning households of single mothers to rent on a monthly basis. The landlords to these households are the state’s designated housing authorities that offer the help directly to counties in the state. The website mentioned above can come to the rescue in locating the local housing authority in the area that the mother lives.

The occupants of public housing are expected to contribute 30% of monthly income. Other eligibility rules which are non-financial are also critical in determining entrance into the program. The single mom has to be a citizen of U.S, residents of the State of North Carolina or legal immigrant of the state.

There are important factors that could jeopardize the opportunity of the mother in getting the help with public housing. These are mentioned in a nutshell below;
,Failure to pay expenses owed to any of the housing authorities in the State of NC
,Bad reference from previous landlords as the unreliable tenant. This may be affected by the delay to pay rent on time, the disturbance caused to fellow tenants and other contributing factors.
,Poor record of credit history. This in other ways reflects your inability to honor payments liable to you. Unless if fixed accordingly, it will barricade the way for the mom to get help.
,Criminal record is also a contributing factor towards denial to occupy a public housing apartment through rental assistance.
,Even if one of the household, apart from the applicant, is linked to the above mentioned factors, the help can be denied.

The single mothers looking for public housing or housing choice vouchers assistance should note that the demand is very high for the programs. Having mentioned that, waiting lists are expected to be long. Some waiting lists are closed should there be a large number of applicants to be helped in future. To find out about these waiting lists, go to your local housing authority. The list is obtainable from http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/pha/contacts/states/nc.cfm.

Even if the waiting list is long, there are some single moms who may receive preference over others. The basis of the preference is the income limits and other factors. For instance, if the mother is homeless or facing homelessness, she will be prioritized on the list. If she is disabled, blind or elderly, she will also receive preference. If she has suffered from domestic violence, she will be prioritized. All these mean that her name will be moved up past all the names of applicants regardless of time of application.

Foreclosure prevention program for single moms in NC

For single mothers who are homeowners and possibly facing eviction from their homes due to non-payment of mortgage expenses, the program can help with a low-interest loan. The loan amount is $36000. The loan pays for the expenses for 36 months while the mother is encouraged to look for employment to be economically independent. Find more on the program by visiting http://www.ncforeclosureprevention.gov.

The State of North Carolina goes all out to help the struggling single mothers. There are many expenses that the mothers are faced with apart from housing needs. Thus the state helps to take off the battle from the shoulders of the moms.

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