Low Income Housing Assistance in New York

New York Housing assistance for single mothers

The State of New York has joined ties with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of the U.S in alleviating the problems of homelessness in the state among poor families. Poor families are those ones with very low-income and who may not afford a secure and decent place to stay. The HUD funds the State of NY with enough cash to manage the assistance programs of housing so that as many indigent people as possible can be helped through the programs.

The most popular housing assistance program is known as Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program which is common in the states of America. Public Housing program also features among the other aid programs. In fact, there many programs that help low-income single mothers in NY. To find out about the relevant programs it is better to visit the public housing agency in your county and find out what programs are managed.

Section 8 program and Public housing are most likely offered by all agencies. Programs like Homeownership may not be available in all public housing agencies since the agencies are not bound by any obligation of whatsoever to offer them but done voluntarily so.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher for single mothers in NY

The program is often populated by many low-income single mothers. Due to that, the waiting list had since been closed in 2009 December the 10th. There are no more new applications considered for the program until further notice when vouchers are available and everyone has been helped if possible. Waiting lists are normal in order to accommodate everyone seeking housing aid in NY.

Normally, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program gives the qualified recipients the voucher to go look for any decent, safe and sanitary housing to rent. The vouchers are issued by the public housing agencies (PHAs) in the state. Thus each PHA has its own target in the county or counties it manages. The houses chosen should, inter alia, meet the quality standards and the payments standards as prerequisites of a secure housing determined by HUD. Upon finding the suitable house to rent in, the single mother has to sign necessary documents as lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

The contracted PHA will also come to the foyer to sign the agreement that a subsidized rent will be paid on a monthly basis in addition to the 30% from the single mom’s income. While staying in the chosen apartment and subsidized by the program on the basis of low-income, the mother will be subject to annual review of eligibility. She is required to notify the public housing agency of income adjustment should it be $200 or over.

As already mentioned, the housing unit the mother has chosen to reside has to be within the payment standards set out by the HUD. Take a look on the table below and compare the unit to be chosen based on the income standards applied per room.

Number of bedrooms
Payment standard monthly
Fig.1. Payments standards for Section 8 housing units
Source: http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycha/html/section8/voucher_payment.shtml.

Other important points to note are the income limits. The table below gives an insight about the limits per household dependent on the number of members that constitute a household.

Member of Family
Annual Income
Member of Family
Annual Income

Fig.2. Income limits for Section 8 program.
Source: http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycha/html/assistance/income.shtml

Family Self-sufficiency program

Along with Section 8 housing assistance program is the family self-sufficiency program (FSS). The program seeks to address the lack of skills as the underlying problem which leads to single mothers’ dependence on government assistance programs. The program assumes that the dependence of single moms on housing programs is caused mainly by lack of employment skills to obtain better-paying jobs that can afford paying rents. Therefore, employment skills, educational programs are offered in partnership with a number of stakeholders committed to the well-being and economical self-sufficiency of single mothers in New York.

FSS is a voluntary program and shall never jeopardize the single mom’s opportunity of receiving rental assistance. However, it has a life period of 5 years much the same as TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Participants of the program are urged to meet their financial goals during this short period of time. For more information you may call Ernst on (718) 218-1528.

Public Housing program for single mothers in NY

Instead of choosing private apartments to rent, the State of New York gives low-income single moms the opportunity to rent in government houses. The state owns over 175000 housing apartments which can be used for public housing programs. The apartments are owned by the New York City Housing Authority. Find more info by visiting http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycha/html/assistance/app_for_pubhsg.shtml.

There is eligibility criteria used for admission into public housing much the same as does other programs. The rent is subsidized and therefore low-income families have to pay a small portion of 30% from their monthly income. Please do not assume that you will get the help within few months or weeks. Waiting period is long and may take even about 2 years to be given aid. The housing authority gives preference to a few selected individuals depending on the circumstances they are tied to. Those who suffered domestic violence, those who are currently homeless, the blind, the elderly and the disabled are given that much needed preference to receive help prior to anyone doing so.

Life seems to be fruitful for single mothers residing in NY because lack of shelter is a thing of yesterday due to help given. The state has multiple programs that are primarily designed to give aid to low-income residents provided they meet the required criteria. There programs are often provided by public housing authorities as contracted by the state.

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