Low Income Housing Assistance in New Mexico

Housing assistance for single moms in New Mexico

Homelessness is very rare in the State of New Mexico since the state has aid programs aimed at helping single moms who earn low-incomes. It would be a burden for a single mom to afford housing with the low-income that she gets. Now the state has made all the efforts in facilitating the federal programs that help low-income New Mexicans to find decent and affordable rooms to rent. Visit http://www.newmexicoresources.org to explore a multitude of programs offered by the state.

There is a broad range of programs that benefit Mexican single mothers in occupying secure homes. If one is homeless or about to be homeless, there are preventive and remedial programs to help in this regard. Programs such as foreclosure prevention prevent homelessness. The mother can also stand a chance to own her house through Homeownership program. The most popular rental subsidy program is Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and the other one is Public Housing. With these programs low-income mothers benefit a lot.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher for single moms in New Mexico

Approved single mothers can find their decent privately owned houses to rent where they will have to pay 30% adjusted from their monthly incomes. The program will pay the rest. The program is financed by the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Department of U.S. The department finances the state and then the state finance the public housing agencies to help the needy in various counties. Income eligibility requirements are not similar across the counties.

Generally, the program requires the applicant to have income of less than 50% of the area median income. The law requires the public housing agencies (PHAs) to grant the very low-income families at least 75% of the program. Very low-income households are characterized by the income of less than 30% of the area median income.

For each county governed by a different PHA, the income tends to vary. For example, consider the table below.

30% area median income
50% area median income
Las Cruces
Santa Fe
Fig.1. Area median income per county
Source: http://www.newmexicoresources.org/.

Contact your local PHA to find out more about requirements into the program and to apply with them. Have a look on the website http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/pha/contacts/states/nm.cfm..find to locate the local public housing agency in your area. General income limits may also be viewed on the website as set by the HUD. The HUD department uses a 5-year American Community Survey to determine the income guidelines. For the record, the income guidelines set in 2010 are still the same ones applied in 2012.

Once the single mom has found the housing unit to rent in, the relevant PHA will review the house and see if it meets the standards in the program and also the rent is quite reasonable. The mom is only given 60 days to search for the unit unless valid reasons accompany the delay in writing to the PHA. More requirements can be found with the public housing agency.

Homeownership program

There are remarkably numerous programs under this program. The program can be branched into Homebuyer or Homeowner. For single mothers who want to buy homes, the program has homebuyer subprogram where many programs are available for help. There is MFA (Mortgage Finance Authority) to help finance mortgage payments for low-income single mothers. It helps with down payment and closing cost. The interest rates are way less than the market rates.

Still on the homebuyer program, there is USDA Rural Development program which helps single moms who want to buy homes in the rural environment. The program helps with funds for these moms to purchase those homes. Furthermore, there is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as the approved companies that offer loans pertaining to mortgage payments. The loans can be applied for through companies that deal with mortgage.

For the current single moms who are possibly facing homelessness, foreclosure due to non-payment, the program could help as well. It could help with rental assistance and settlement of arrears for a limited time only.

Public Housing for single moms in New Mexico

The government owns units that eligible single mothers can occupy. The mother contributes TTP (Total Tenant Payment) for renting in those units. The table below shows the income limits used in approving single mothers into this program.

Household members
Annual Income at 50% area median
Fig.2. Income limits for Public housing program
Source: http://www.newmexicoresources.org/pages.cfm?dynamicID=411&subpages=yes&contentID=4&pageID=2.

The public housing program is also subject to entry requirements. Normally the gross annual income versus the family size is considered. The program is also offered by the public housing authorities in the State of New Mexico.

Homeless programs for single mothers in New Mexico

Single mothers who are facing homelessness are rescued by various programs under homeless programs. There is HPRP (Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program) that helps fund the homeless households. The city of Albuquerque, in particular, manages this program in the city only while the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority manages the program out of the city in other areas.

There is CoC (Continuum of Care) program which focuses on the disabled people who are homeless. It assists with rental payments. Furthermore, there is Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing Program that helps those found in emergency and crisis conditions and in need of shelter. These people may have been displaced by man-made or natural disasters or by anything including non-payments which led to shut-down of their homes. There is temporary housing in this regard and some services of support to affected single mothers.

It is therefore abnormal for a single mother to struggle in the State of Mexico considering the help that she gets from the state. Low-income is no longer an excuse for homelessness. Every resident is catered with housing needs on provision that eligibility criteria are met. Aid programs are many. Visit the websites mentioned above to explore some programs of which might possibly be loan programs at low-interest rates.

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