Low Income Housing Assistance in Nevada

Housing help for single mothers in the State of Nevada

Housing needs combined with other needs that a single mother requires may mean a huge unliftable luggage when the mother is classified under low-income families. Some mothers may sadly end-up being homeless due to the inability to afford all the households needs, and thus housing needs too. This creates a bad environment for the growth of children. It is thus why, in most cases, some single mothers are deprived their children because of the non-conducive environment they live in.

In an attempt to help alleviate these inconveniences encountered by single moms in Nevada, the state has a wide array of assistance programs in housing. The programs are generally funded by the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) of U.S. They are then administered statewide by a number of public housing agencies (PHAs). The PHAs help facilitate the programs for every mother in the state to access them provided they meet the accompanying requirements as set forth.

Among others, the programs include HCV (Housing Choice Voucher), Project-Based Voucher, Family Unification Program (FUP), Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program (TBRA), and Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Let’s delve into the programs hereunder;

HCV (Housing Choice Voucher) Program for single mothers in Nevada

This is the most well-known program among the states of America because it is an initiative of the federal government in an effort to end homelessness. Single mothers are given a wider field of choices to choose any apartment of their liking for rental purposes with this program. It is also portable ” it can be used anywhere in the state other than the area it was applied for as long as the recipient has rented under it for at least a year. Moreover, the voucher can be used to purchase a home under Homeownership program.

Inter alia, the program focuses on the disabled, the elderly people, the blind, the low-income, and the very low-income people. Single moms who fall in these categories can benefit from the program. The program enables them to access a safe and affordable housing chosen in apartments that are privately managed and owned. The housing chosen has to comply with the safety and health standards. It also has to comply with the rental limits derived from the market in which the apartment is located.

After the apartment has been confirmed to be in compliance with the standards proposed, it will then be eligible for Housing Choice Voucher Program. The single mom can rent in it while paying an estimated amount ranging between 30-40% of the annual income adjusted. The public housing authority will pay the landlord for the amount of subsidy agreed upon.

Am I eligible for the program? To be eligible for the program one has to meet the income guidelines as tabled by the HUD. The program is only limited to the residents of Nevada, citizens of U.S, and other single mothers who have legal immigration statuses. Generally, the program caters for mothers whose incomes do not exceed 50% of the area median income. Nonetheless, the law requires the program to cater for a large part of vouchers to those with incomes of 30% or lower of the area median income. These incomes are mentioned below;

Household size
Annual income limits 30% of median
Fig.1. Income limits for extremely low-income single moms in Nevada in HCV program
Source: http://www.snvrha.org/housing-choice-voucher.htm.

To apply for the program, the mother has to visit the public housing authority. The Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (SNRHA) is also the relevant authority to apply with provided it covers the region the mother intends to reside in.

SNRHA manages 10149 HCVs for the single moms to use for rental assistance. An estimation of 38 000 families are already receiving aid under the HCV program by this housing authority.

Family Self-Sufficiency in Nevada

The HCV program helps the moms beyond the limits of housing under this program. It equips them with the skills necessary to obtain employment so that reliance on public assistance may be terminated. There is an extended partnership with some non-profit organizations that are also dedicated to offer the supportive and educational services in the program.

The program takes place for a limited time of 5 years, and is wholly voluntary. However, the mothers that are destined to be successful are cordially encouraged to participate in the program. It has huge benefits for participants.

Project-Based Voucher Program for single moms in Nevada

This program attaches the vouchers to subsidized units in Nevada. The units still belong to the private market, and the owner of any subsidized property has the discretion to admit or not to admit a certain tenant. This may be influenced by negative factors associated with the tenant.

The mothers still have to pay at least 30% but at most 40% of their annual adjusted income. Unlike the HCV rental assistance, this program is not portable, and thus cannot be used in any apartment apart from the one attached to. Reapplication will be necessary if one needs to relocate.

To apply for the program the mother has to do that with the public housing authority responsible for the county in which the mother lives. Most of the criteria for application are identical with the ones used for HCV.

Family Unification Program (FUP) for single mothers in Nevada

The unfortunate times happen when kids are taken from the hands of their mother simply because she has no stable, decent, and secure place to live with them. The Department of Family Services takes the children to foster care, and other centers where they will be cared for up until the mother regains financial stability and resides in a sanitary housing.

There are no direct applications to the housing authority. The program is only offered on referral if the Department of Family Services has referred the mother to the authority. The program now caters for 300 recipients.

The list of programs still continues. There are still some programs like TBRA to be seen at http://www.snvrha.org/housing-choice-voucher.htm. They are also of a massive help to single mother with low-income in Nevada. The state tightens its shoelaces in eradicating homelessness that has prevailed among its indigent single moms earning less.

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