Low Income Housing Assistance in Missouri

Housing assistance for single mothers in Missouri

Single mothers in the State of Missouri may be faced with financial constraints to have homes of their own, or rent in decent houses. Some may be living in homelessness prevention institutions and wishing to be returned to the community. Everything requires financial stability for them to have a quality dwelling place called home. Now the state tries its best to offer the moms housing aid programs that can help them to rent or own houses. The programs are offered to the residents of Missouri who have demonstrated financial neediness or special needs.

There are many programs offered subject to qualifications being met. How do you know that you qualify for the program or what to bring to apply? Well since the programs are offered by various public housing agencies, the answers on how one know if qualifies or not can be answered by the public agency in question. Qualification rules do differ from agency to agency and also among the programs. Find the agencies from the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Department of U.S website at http://www.hud.gov/. The documents below are what a single mother has to furnish to the agency when applying:

Proof of residency and citizenship
Social security numbers for household members
A twelve month proof on income for the single mother applying
Identification photo of the mother
And proof of disability, or blindness if any

Some moms could apply for housing programs through a number of organizations. These organizations include the Department of Mental Health Regional Offices, Local Division of Senior Services, Bureau of Special Health Care Needs, and Centers for Independent living, Community Mental Health Services, and Area Agencies on Aging.

The persons with disabilities and the elderly are also included in the housing aid programs that the State of Missouri is offering to its indigent residents. One may contact 1-800-877-8249 concerning people living with disabilities getting accommodation.

The housing programs are listed below;

Section 811: Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities in Missouri

The program offers housing assistance to low-income disabled persons and further allows them the opportunity to reside independently in an exclusive environment that provides supportive services to these disabled persons. The program further funds the non-profit organization in developing and rehabilitating the community houses suitable for disabled persons. The organizations must have experience in social services or in housing services.

For the disabled persons to be eligible for the program, they have to over the age of 18, have a disability as defined by social security, and have very low-income. The program gives them rental assistance.

Mainstream Housing assistance in Missouri

The program operates almost identical to the Housing Choice Voucher program with a few exceptions. The exceptions that this program differs with Housing Choice Voucher program with include; disability as defined by social security, rental contribution of less than 30%, and availability of the program in the state. The program is limited to Lincoln, Franklin, St. Louis, Ripley and Liberty Housing authorities.

For the disabled single mothers to be eligible for this program they have to have age over 18 and must be characterized under the very low-income residents.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

The program is available statewide to all residents who demonstrate their financial neediness to the public housing authorities as the administrators of the program. The recipients of the voucher will be given opportunity to rent in any housing unit of their preference subject to the compliance of standards. These standards are established by the HUD but enforced by housing authorities in Missouri.

After the single has selected the unit in which she wants to rent, the public housing authority will strive to pay a certain portion in aid to the mother and she will be allowed to contribute more than 30% but less than 40% of her monthly income towards rent and utilities. The minimum payment may be equated to $25-00.

To be eligible for the program the mother has to be over the age of 18 years, and must meet income restrictions. Enquire with the housing authority concerning the income limits that need to be met for approval into the program.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with Aids

If the single mother is living with an Aids disease, she can also get exclusive help with regard to accommodation. This program offers the low-income people living with HIV disease decent housing to prevent homelessness among them. It further increases their access to medical services and health care. The applicants must show their engagement in medical care services to be approved in the program.

For these people to be eligible, their income levels should be under 100% of the Federal poverty level. They must HIV positive; they must register in HIV case management and must be assessed by the case manager for financial neediness. The services offered to them include rental assistance, utility assistance, and short-term mortgage assistance.

Low-income Housing Tax Credit in Missouri for single mothers

The program has constructed over 37 000 housing units in Missouri for the low-income residents. It also urges the developers to erect the low-rent housing by funding their developments. To apply for the program, contact the Missouri Housing Development Commission at 816-759-7265. The applicant must be over 18 years and must have a low-income.

Section 202: Supportive Housing for the Elderly

The elderly people over the age of 62 years, with low-income, are given housing assistance through this program. Their income must be below 80% of the median income determined for the area they live in. the program allow them to live independently with supportive services offered in those houses they live in. the range of services include transportation, cooking and cleaning services. The program gives them rental subsidy.

SHELTER PLUS CARE for single mothers in Missouri

The program offers rental assistance to low-income single mothers who receive supportive services. The program considers addiction to drug and alcohol as disabilities. Thus to receive help through this program the mom has to meet these disabilities criteria, be over 18 years, be homeless, receive mental health services and must have a low-income.

There is in fact a wide array of programs available for indigent single mothers regardless of health conditions they have. Download the guide to these programs found at http://www.dmh.mo.gov/docs/ada/housingbook.pdf. The mothers in this state get every help with regard to housing needs.

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