Low Income Housing Assistance in Mississippi

Housing assistance for single mothers in Mississippi

Single moms with very low-income may find the path to have a decent home very rough taking into account the high costs associated with that. Some may end up being homeless, and therefore live in government assistance shelters with their kids. Some may possibly lose their homes due to inability to pay monthly rents. There is a lot more circumstances that could inconvenience the mothers in Mississippi.

The State of Mississippi has many aid programs that are aimed at helping the low income single mothers with housing rents. There are many non-profit and government organizations offering these aid programs. The programs range from Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher to Emergency Financial Assistance and Public Housing. Some of these organizations are listed herein with their contact details.

Back Bay Mission non-profit organization in Mississippi

The organization is non-profit, and it provides rental assistance to low-income single mothers, and also the homeowners ” it gives them assistance in buying their homes. For homeowners, they are often faced with skyrocketing mortgage payments, and other expenses. The program helps them with these expenses to avoid foreclosure and to prevent homelessness. The other human basic needs can also be catered for in addition to rental assistance. For more info and applications, contact (228) 432-0301.

Madison County Allied Against Poverty (MadCAAP)

The single mothers due to low-income they have, they may possibly find themselves homeless because of the high costs of shelter in the State of Mississippi. Some may be facing imminent foreclosure due to unpaid mortgage, and may therefore find themselves in crisis situation. This organization helps with Emergency Financial Assistance. The assistance helps with rental payments and settlement if in arrears and other supportive services. You may call (601) 421-6729/ (601) 407-1404 for more on the programs offered by this non-profit organization.

Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV

This is the regional authority that is responsible for the Carroll, Lowndes, Clay, Oktibbeha, Montgomery, Choctaw, and Winston counties. The authority administers Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program for single mothers in Mississippi. It helps with issuing the vouchers to qualified low-income single moms in the state.

This authority helps pay rent for single mothers in any housing unit they opt to stay in. Usually, the mother will be bound to pay at least 30% adjusted from her monthly income dependent on the unit chosen if it meets the payment standards as set out by HUD (Housing and Urban Development) of U.S. The authority will help pay the balance that is left out and it is more than what the mom pays.

The authority will also help the mom in selecting the housing that meets quality standards reflecting health and safety. Thus the housing has to be evaluated prior occupation. To apply for this program, visit the authority or call it at (662) 327-4121.

MS State Department of Health- Division of STD/HIV

The department is responsible for running the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS program. Thus the single mothers possibly living with this disease can get help from this department. It offers some services that include referrals, resources, and information pertaining to health care. Moreover, the department offers Emergency Rental Assistance should these eligible persons be faced with imminent closure of their apartments, and be in need of urgent shelter. The disease needs treatment, and thus homelessness condition could make it worse.

Good Samaritan Center

The center is responsible for Emergency Rental Assistance program to low-income bound families. However, the center sets forward the conditions that the crisis situation encountered by these families should not be of their own. Instead, it should be the crisis emerged on account of inevitable circumstances such as natural disasters that have, for example, destroyed their homes. The crisis claimed shall be verified before the assistance is approved. To apply for the program, call (601) 335-6276.

Mississippi Regional Housing Authority VI

Unlike Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV, this authority is responsible for the central area of Mississippi, the counties such as Pearl, Yazoo City, Port Gibson, Canton, and Edwards. Therefore, the single mothers residing in these counties can apply with this authority for all the housing assistance needs. If they want to apply for the Section Housing Choice Voucher program, they can do that with this regional housing authority.

For the record, about 5000 households receive help from this regional housing authority through the Section Housing Choice Voucher program on a yearly basis. That is a milestone achievement for the authority in helping poor single mothers. However, not only does the authority offer section 8 rental assistance, they are other public programs including Public Housing for single moms in Mississippi, and many more. Enquire further about the programs by calling their numbers (601) 373-7040.

Housing demands are normally high in Mississippi. That being said, the authorities tend to have waiting list for all applicants, and some waiting list tend to close before some applicants are put on it. Nevertheless, the single mother stands a chance to apply with any housing authority provided she meets the eligibility requirements determined by that authority. If, for example, Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV has closed, she can apply with Mississippi Regional Housing Authority VI. This increases her chance of getting the voucher.

The waiting period may take longer than one year on the waiting list. But those with special needs and those with very low-income may be given priority when issuing vouchers to applicants. The law, as stated by the HUD, requires that the state should issue 75% of its vouchers to single mothers whose income falls below 30% of the area median income. The remaining may be shared among the low-income and moderate income households.

The State of Mississippi has made it a point to subcontract various regional housing authorities, and some non-profit organizations to offer housing aid programs to single mothers who are seemingly struggling to keep up with the housing costs due to low-income earned. There subcontracted entities are responsible for a wide array of the programs in the state. These may include Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing, Foreclosure Prevention, Emergency Rental Assistance, and many more. For further information on these, visit http://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/mississippi_rental_assistance.html.

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