Low Income Housing Assistance in Michigan

Single mother’s housing assistance in Michigan

Single mothers in the State of Michigan are no longer subjects of homelessness because of the homelessness prevention programs the state administers. Nonetheless, only lower-income single mothers are thus accommodated by assistance programs in housing and, citizenship is also taken into account.

The assistance programs in housing are administered by Michigan State Housing Development Authority. The authority endeavors to provide safe rental housing to low-income disadvantaged people who may find it difficult to maintain rental payments where, for example, the portion of rent exceeds 50% of monthly income before other housing expenses have been deducted from the income. This would be a battle to also maintain provision of other needs to children who need them most.

The State of Michigan administers a variety of housing programs that includes low-interest loans for mortgages, rental assistance and homeless programs for emergency solutions. The primary focus of these programs is to provide affordable permanent housing as the ultimate solution to homelessness. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of the United States has had a mission to mitigate homelessness that is largely experienced by poor families and has therefore initiated several programs in this regard. Section 8 Voucher program and public housing are just a few examples of the initiatives made by the HUD.

The initiatives have therefore been passed to the states of America in an effort to help digest the problem of homelessness into manageable pieces. The State of Michigan administers 24000 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers as a plan to give to financially-needy single mothers, the disabled mothers, the visually impaired and the elderly people. The vouchers are offered along the FSS (Family Self-sufficiency) program which aims to help the mothers with economic stability.

Other programs include Homeownership and Public housing. There are in fact many programs that give the single mother a wider choice of housing needs. Some help with mortgage payments and some with tax credits. Only a few common programs are detailed here as they’re deemed viable for single mothers seeking rental housing or homeownership.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program for single moms in Michigan

As aforementioned, Michigan State Housing Development Authority administers 24000 vouchers of Section 8 rental assistance program. The program offers subsidy of rent to single mothers who had demonstrated their financial neediness status and who had also proved to be the residents of Michigan or otherwise legal immigrant. These mothers will be granted the privilege, under this program and upon getting the voucher, to hunt for a standardized housing for rental subsidy.

The state has contracted the agencies throughout the state to run the program in the vicinity of poor families in various counties. Therefore, to apply for the program, one has to do that with the local public housing agency. Find out who your local agency is at
http://www.michigan.gov/mshda. For each public housing agency (PHA) there are rules and waiting lists. It is strongly advised to apply to more than one agency to stand a chance of getting an expedited service. You only stand a chance by doing that because, mostly, preference goes to the dwellers of specific counties.

When the waiting list of another PHA has closed you may as well try another one which has not yet closed. For disabled single mothers or single moms with visual impairment, the agencies have priorities for them. Even if you’ve applied late and you’re last on the list, you stand a chance to be moved to top. That’s all about the tenant voucher program of Section 8 which is in high demand.

The single mother has contribution in this program for her rental payments. 30% of her income is paid to the landlord and includes utilities. No matter how costing the unit chosen is, the mother shall not pay more than 40% of her adjusted income. The house chosen has to comply with the standards set forth by the PHA. To be approved, you have to meet income limits. The income limit should not exceed 50% of the area median income published by the HUD.

The spouses of veterans, the disabled, the blind and the old people over 65 years are exclusively helped through the project-based program of Section 8. Apartments are selected and subsidized during rehabilitation and construction in exchange for lowered rental payments suitable for low-income disadvantaged people. No online application can be made for this program, instead, contact your nearest public housing agency. Find the contact details of PHAs at http://www.michigan.gov/mshda/0,4641,7-141-5555_44739—,00.html. You may also call (517) 241-8986 if you’re a single mom living with a disabled and you want to apply on behalf. For homeless mothers they may contact HARA (Housing Assessment and Resource Agency).

Homeownership program for single moms in Michigan

Single mothers may transfer from rental assistance to homeownership program subject to meeting other requirements set forth. Firstly, she must be working and earning at least $15000 and she must work at least 30 hours in a week. She must be in good credit record, no criminal record and she must be the first time homeowner or had not owned any home in the previous 3 years. The program requires enrolment with the Family Self-sufficiency program.

Once approved to take part in homeownership program, you will be given free financial management and education classes about homebuyer. You have to pass the tests and have the credit score of 600 to be deemed qualified.

The FSS (Family Self-Sufficiency) program assists the single mothers in transforming from dependence on social assistance programs to self-dependence on financial matters. There are programs offered such as job-training skills, education programs that equip single mothers with worthwhile skills and experience in the world of work. The program is voluntary and takes only 60 months to complete.

Public Housing program for single mothers

With this program a single mother is accommodated in the units managed by the public housing agency and owned by the government. Eligibility requirements still apply. She has to contribute a portion of rent much the same as in the Section 8 voucher program. The opportunity of these apartments is that government is the landlord.

In conclusion, only a few programs are included here as deemed common and viable for single mothers to apply for. Find out more by visiting the websites mentioned above. The other programs may be in the form of loans. Some are, among others, foreclosure prevention and mortgage assistance programs. If a single mother owns a home already then these programs may be suitable for her.

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