Low Income Housing Assistance in Maine

Single mothers are given freedom in the State of Maine to reside in housing of their choice while the state contributes a certain portion of rent, and have yet another freedom to apply for housing loans that have low-interest rates, all because of their low-income. The state strives to create an equal platform of quality life for everyone without any traces of neediness. Single moms are often subjected to lack of houses simply because of the high prices that may be difficult to attain.

Maine State Housing Authority has multiple housing programs that single moms can benefit from. The programs help with rental subsidy. Consider the programs such as Housing Choice Voucher, STEP (Stability through Engagement Program), FSS (Family Self-Sufficiency) and Subsidized-housing, they are all helpful to single mothers in Maine to leave in decent houses they would battle to have on their own. FSS helps by focusing on achievement of personal goals of the mothers. The program wants these moms to deviate from reliance on government’s programs for a long time.

Family Self-sufficiency for single moms in Maine

FSS program has a voluntary participation and it lasts for 60 months. Single mothers are strongly encouraged to take part in the program to help sharpen their skills and increase their chances of getting a well-paid employment. The program also helps in saving money. For instance, if you continue to pay your portion in Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, and at certain stages your income increases, the contribution of the state in your rental subsidy decreases but goes into an escrow account for you. Once the program ends, that money which has been accumulating in the escrow account belongs to you and can be used for any purpose. That’s the benefit of FSS program on the other side of money saving.

FSS is for the participants of Housing Choice Voucher program. There is a wide range of support services offered in the program. The mothers are given employment training and skills, education skills and many more.

Housing Choice Voucher program for single moms in Maine

The program offers subsidized rental payments to eligible single mothers who have proven to be financially needy. Proof of income, number of family members, proof of citizenship, and other particulars are needed when applying for the program. The program is run by housing authorities in the state. You may go to your local housing authority to apply for these vouchers.

Keep check of your income if it is within the limits before applying for the program. Those with incomes below 30% are safe because the program classify them as very low-income residents and therefore receive preference. Generally, the income should be less or equal to 50% for admission into the program. Visit the web http://www.mainehousing.org/docs/default-source/rental/section8incomelimits.pdf?sfvrsn=4 to compare your income.

Income is just the standard requirements. There are some requirements as well. The voucher may be denied if in any case you are found to have a bad credit, criminal record and have debts unpaid with any of the housing agencies. Even if a member of the household is characterized by bad behavior the voucher can still be denied. Should the previous landlord give negative reference about you not being a good tenant you may still forfeit the voucher.

When the voucher has been approved, the Maine State Housing Authority will help pay, on a monthly basis, a portion of rent while the single mother pays her obligation of 30% from her income. If the amount payable on rent does not include utilities, the authority may commit to pay more so that the mother can have enough to spend on those essential services. The Housing Choice Voucher helps more than 3800 households monthly.

The single mom can only rent in the house deemed compliant with the standards set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is therefore the responsibility of the mother to ascertain that compliance prior to her choice being scrutinized. The housing unit has to be maintained on a regular basis and must be both safe and healthy. The mom has to honor her obligation of paying monthly; failure to do that may jeopardize the voucher. All the issues may be addressed with the housing authority applied with.

STEP program for single moms

This is stability through engagement program meant to help single mothers in reaching economic stability by giving them temporary rental assistance. This temporary assistance can lasts for 6 months or a year. The program is most suited for those who have lost their homes due to inevitable circumstances. The main focus of the program is to re-house the single mothers.

Subsidized Housing for single moms in Maine

Benefits are many for single moms with regard to housing assistance in the State of Maine. There are subsidized houses that were built with the government’s money in exchange for low-rent to households with limited incomes. The subsidy to these houses is fixed and the single mom has to re-apply if she wants to move another unit to the other.

The eligibility rules apply for admission into the program. The mom is expected to contribute at least 30% of her monthly income but not more than 40% of the income. She has to be the citizen of U.S and the resident of Maine or otherwise a legal immigrant. For full details on applications and eligibility criteria visit the local housing authority.

Homeless assistance programs for single mothers in Maine

At times single mothers find themselves helpless when facing homelessness with no one to turn to for help. There are many circumstances that can lead to homelessness. The prevalent circumstance to low-income mothers is the inability to honor rental payment and thus ultimately lead to eviction or foreclosure. Now the state has help for these situations.

Emergency shelters and transition houses are given when need arises to single moms provided they meet income tests. In addition, support services are also offered in order to help the mother in question to gain financial stability and then be re-housed.

The State of Maine has a huge contribution on the well-being of single mothers. The state offers the low-income single moms a help in rental payments as the main battle for them. To apply for any program, contact the local housing agency.

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