Low Income Housing Assistance in Delaware

Housing is important for every single mother with kids because children need shelter for good development. Homeless children are often bound to mental disturbances and eventually underperform in school. It is therefore mandatory for a single mom to have housing needs for her children. How can low-income afford one the opportunity to own a home or rent a house? Well it seems quite unattainable in the State of Delaware.

This is the main problem encountered by single moms in the State of Delaware. They are faced with obligations to have a decent housing but their salaries wouldn’t make that possible. However, the state has also made contributions towards helping these mothers in achieving their dreams of staying in sanitary houses. The state has a variety of housing assistance programs to help with rental payments. It has Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, Public Housing program, Subsidized-sites and Transitional and Emergency Housing.

Public Housing program awards housing units owned by the State of Delaware on the basis of neediness to single moms. The houses are funded by the federal government for needy citizens to have a decent accommodation. They are administered by Delaware State Housing Authority. With these houses, the occupant is expected to contribute a certain portion of her income in rental payment. The program will pay 70% towards rent and the rest is a liability to the single mother to settle. Should the mother feel to leave the rental unit for another one, she will have to reapply for the assistance again.

On the other hand, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are mobile housing vouchers that can be used in any apartment for rental. The vouchers are not fixed to any apartment. Should the single mom feel to change landlord, it can be done with notice to the program managers beforehand and also followed by termination of the contract. The mothers must have a good record with landlords otherwise the voucher may be jeopardized and forfeited. The same rules still apply even if one moves to another housing unit.

With Section 8 vouchers one can feel free choosing any rental apartment of preference knowing that the voucher is not fixed. One other reason that may jeopardize the voucher is non-payment. The mom is given an opportunity to pay just 30% of her adjusted income while the voucher pays for 70% of the total rent. This is a relief on the mom’s shoulders. That wouldn’t be difficult to maintain.

There is Subsidized-sites program in which the Delaware State Housing Authority helps property owners in developing or constructing their properties in return for low-rent units suited for low-income residents of Delaware. The units are subsidized for single mothers to occupy and thus they cannot move with the subsidy. Unfortunately one has to reapply for help if moving from one unit to the other.

Transitional and Emergency housing provide emergency houses and temporary houses for those in dire need. Emergency housing is available for 30 days. The programs are provided to low-income residents that are in crisis situations.

To apply for any of the programs, contact the Delaware State Housing Authority in the county you live in. each county has got its own income limits not similar to any. Therefore, it is advisory to apply with the relevant county. Applicants must be residents of Delaware and the citizens of U.S.

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