Low Income Housing Assistance in Connecticut

For single mothers in Connecticut to have a decent, affordable and safe housing is difficult. The mother may not afford to purchase nor rent in any apartment. Private apartments and townhouses, for example, are high in rental payments. The inability to afford housing units for single mothers would leave them homeless and therefore have negative effect on the development of their children.

Shelter is among the basic human needs and is therefore needed to children for better upbringing in a stable living environment. Single mothers with low-income cannot afford to provide this need to children. However, the State of Connecticut has an array of programs designed to target the needs of low-income families as residents of Connecticut and citizens of U.S. Legal immigrant can also be accommodated by the programs.

The State of Connecticut has Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program and Rental Assistance Program (RAP) to help ease the onerous responsibilities of single mothers in providing shelter to their children. These programs are administered by the Department of Social Services. The department has contracted PHAs (Public Housing Agencies) to administer the program to the eligible recipients of very-low income families.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program helps the single moms with an affordable and comfortable housing. These moms are solely responsible for finding their housing of choice to rent in it. There is no limit on which apartments to be chosen. One may choose privately owned units where the owner agrees to participate in the Section 8 Home Choice Voucher program. Moreover, the housing unit chosen must comply with the quality standards set by Housing and Urban Development Department of the United States and must further be within the rent limits acceptable in the program.

If any housing rent exceeds the standard limit then the mother will be responsible for the difference. However, she may not pay more than 40% of her adjusted monthly income. Normally, the mother is only expected to contribute 30% of her monthly earnings towards rent while the PHA pays the rest through this program.

In terms of eligibility, the single mother must be the citizen of U.S and the resident of Connecticut. The income should not exceed 50% of the area median income published by the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) department of U.S. to find more about the eligibility requirements and apply for the program visit your public housing agency.

Another assistance program is RAP (Rental Assistance Program). The program has been established by the State of Connecticut. It is virtually identical to the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program they way it operates. The recipient has to find the housing of preference and she will be expected to pay 40% of her adjusted income and 30% if she is a disabled single mom. With this program a RAP certificate is issued upon availability of assistance to the qualifying mom. With that certificate she can seek the housing unit.

There are other programs such as Emergency Rental Assistance. The program is suited to low-income single moms who are about to be homeless and who face foreclosure due to non-payment of rent. The program will help. There is also another program for mothers who suffered from domestic violence. The program offers emergency shelter and help pay the security deposit to secure a housing unit.

Single mothers in the State of Connecticut are not left in the darkness hence the state offers help where needed. Housing assistance is important because they cannot afford the high costs of housing in the state. To apply for these programs, visit the public housing agency in the state in the county you reside in.

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