Low Income Housing Assistance in Alaska

Housing assistance for single mothers in Alaska

Housing costs are high for single mothers in the State of Alaska. Children are expecting shelter from their moms regardless of the low-income they have. This in turn seems worrisome to these mothers. To have a decent place to stay needs high income so as to afford mortgage payments and rental payments.

For single mothers in the State of Alaska, there are aid programs administered by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. The programs only apply to low-income families whose incomes are very low to afford rental payments. There are therefore income limits for the program against which eligibility is determined. The programs have been established by the federal government and the State of Alaska administers the program and receives funds from Housing and Urban Development Department of United States.

The aid programs available for single moms in Alaska include Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program and Public Housing program. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program gives the single mothers the opportunity to find their own houses for rental in the private properties where the owners agree to take rental subsidy from the program. Upon receipt of the voucher, the mother has 60 days of finding the house and once found, she has to sign a lease agreement with the landlord. However, the house must be evaluated first by the AHFC (Alaska Housing Finance Corporation) to check if it complies with standards set specifically for the program.

Once unit has been approved for dwelling, the landlord and the AHFC will sign agreement for rental payments. The difference that remains when AHFC made payment is payable by the single mother. It is normally 30% of her monthly income. If she chose the unit that is quite expensive, she will be responsible to pay that amount still but provided it does not exceed 40% of her income. Housing demands are high in Alaska as compared to availability of resources to meet those demands. That said, there are limits on income used in determining eligible candidates. The table below shows these limits.

Size of household
Annual income limits
Member added
Add $4950
Fig.1. Annual Income limits for housing assistance in Alaska
Source: http://www.ahfc.us/files/4113/6218/5328/FY2013_HUD_Income_Limits.2.14.13.pdf.

For Public Housing program, the State of Alaska owns a number of housing units and therefore place eligible residents in them for rental. Eligibility is determined by income limits and non-monetary requirements. The applicant’s income should not exceed 80% of the area median income.

Likewise in Public Housing program, the single mom is expected to pay 30% of her income on a monthly basis in rent to the unit. Public housing has got advantages over the Section 8 private units. The maintenance is done by the state and management is also from the state. This makes it easy for issues to be resolved with ease.

Housing assistance applications can be done with the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. Because demand is high, there is a waiting list for every applicant. If the applicant is homeless or is in critical need of housing, the name can be prioritized and therefore moved to top of list irrespective of the time of application. Single mothers’ life is made fruitful by the State of Alaska in terms of housing needs.

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