Louisiana – Volunteering Options for Single Mothers

With the way your lifestyle are now, sometimes you find ourselves short on time no matter how much you dislike the fact. You promise yourself someday you will volunteer to help out an organization or cause simply because you want to help your community. You also want to involve your children because you want them to see how much volunteering truly does help. Well, the time has come where you’re finally able to even your schedule out and you have more free time. It’s finally the time to volunteer and when children aren’t in school, you also want to involve them with your process, even if they don’t volunteer themselves. There are many organizations and causes in the country that offer volunteering opportunities but Louisiana has no shortage of them either.

Being aware of these volunteering opportunities and finding them are two different things and sometimes if you have a specific organization or cause you want to dedicate your time too, it can be a bit of a search to put it lightly. There are a lot of resources out there but sometimes it can become overwhelming because of all that is out there. To help you in your search a little bit, I have provided with a few volunteer opportunities for you to consider. I do still suggest and recommend you do a search of your own, online and off, but hopefully this will assist you in your search.

Volunteer Louisiana: Search For Opportunities
website: http://www.volunteerlouisiana.gov/volunteering/find-opportunities/
With this website, you can search for opportunities all throughout Louisiana no matter what city/ county you are in. You can even click the options great for kids’, ‘great for teens’, ‘great for 55+’, or ‘great for groups’. All you have to go is put in your location and see what results you receive. This is great for people who know what they’re looking for or want to involve their children in the process since the options permit you to narrow the results to opportunities appropriate for particular ages.

NOLA for Life – Volunteer Jobs
website: http://www.nolaforlife.org/volunteer-jobs
This an opportunity primarily in New Orleans and strives to help the community in a number of ways by listing addresses of where you can go to volunteer. When you click a category here, you can choose between mentoring or tutoring, to opportunities with food service, to office work, to many others.

Willis-Knighton Hospice of Louisiana – Volunteering
website: http://www.wkhs.com/hospice/Volunteering.aspx
This option is for those who want to make life as comfortable as possible for folks in a hospice. They train volunteers three times a year so you’ll want to grab at this when you can. Volunteers are required to be 18 years of age of older and are also required to participate in 24 hours of classes, field trips to prepare, and additional training. They do take the time to train their volunteers but that’s what makes this option a good option, they are patient enough and caring enough to take the time for proper training.

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Volunteer
website: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/volunteer-instructors
Now this is for those who are very into wildlife and the outdoor opportunities since this opportunity does serve that cause. They have a number of positions you can choose to volunteer for and surely you will qualify for something and they have a very friendly environment overall. Their goal is to serve wildlife and teach safety precautions to volunteers who decide this is the opportunity for them.

Habitat for Humanity: Volunteering
website: http://habitatlafayette.org/give-time/
The purpose of this cause is to build safe, decent, affordable homes for families and their children which earns it a spot on the list. They have an option for those who have volunteered before and those who are first time volunteers so they do take everything into consideration. Their volunteer opportunities are from Tuesdays to Saturdays either at construction sites or at their restore location so you will have a few opportunities to choose from.

Common Ground Relief
website: http://www.commongroundrelief.org/ Common Ground Relief also focuses on building but they build for a different reason and that reason is because disasters happen and families sometimes lose their homes in these disasters. There’s never too many volunteers with these kind of organizations and you can rest assured that you’ll be providing to a good cause. They have a few opportunities available and a few programs for children as well, and it has definitely earned its spot on the list.

Now as you can see from these few opportunities, there are many different causes out there fighting for different things and all wanting the same thing, to make a better place for their community and country. As mentioned previously, sometimes all the resources available can become overwhelming but hopefully this showed you can it can be narrowed down if you just take the patience to do so. Don’t hesitate on using resources outside your internet as well because these can sometimes be more helpful than anything online. It doesn’t matter which way you decide to go in regard to finding your opportunities, it’s admirable that you’re doing so and I have no doubt you will find something that fits what you want and like.

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