Louisiana – Retirement Homes for Single Mothers

As a parent, raising children isn’t an easy task and raising them to be decent people in the world can be tough. This is especially true when you hear about all the horrible things that happen in the world because if you hear about them, your children more than likely heard about them. The task is even tougher on single parents more so but somehow you managed to do it and your children ended up fine. It may not have been an easy road but everyone made it to the end of the tunnel and while there may have been some bruises, all ended up well. Now it’s your time though, you’re in your senior years and at the prime of your life and you decided you want to go to a retirement community for the remaining of your life. Whether your child is helping you look or you’re looking yourself, Louisiana does have some options available for you.

Now while you probably already knew options were available, maybe you were a little lost on how to find these options. There’s no crime in that, a lot of people are and the internet is a big place so it can be a little bit of a hassle sometimes when you do try to use it. In order to help you with your search, I have done a search of my own and provided you with a few results I found in Louisiana. I didn’t look in any specific city or county and when you do your search, you might want to try entering your city for better results.

Paydras Home Retirement Community
Location: New Orleans, LA
website: http://www.poydrashome.com/
This retirement home offers independent living, assisted living, and even nursing care for seniors. They have a Alzheimer’s and memory support program, a senior day program and they have trained professionals for those who need it. It includes water and electric utilities, a smoke alarm, and a 24-hour alarm system. Enjoy amenities like planned programs and activities, housekeeping, secure parking, weekly outings, call systems in bedrooms, and so much more to enjoy.

Southside Gardens
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
website: http://www.southsidegardens.com/
This is an assisted living retirement option for seniors to consider. The staff is trained to help seniors with every day needs and activities but treat them with respect and make them feel comfortable at the same time. It is located on a beautiful community and there are planned activities available for seniors to participate in. Despite being a senior, you’re still not too old to participate in activities and recreation and this facility takes that into consideration.

St James Place Retirement Communities
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
website: http://stjamesplace.org/index.php
This is a fine option for seniors to consider as well. You can choose between living options and your prices vary on what choices you choose. Between fine dining and different health and fitness options, residents here will be sure to enjoy the high life of their golden years. Amenities include outdoor activities such as fishing lakes and walking trails, etc, a heated indoor pool, a nightly happy hour with cocktails, regularly scheduled transportation, a theater room and creative art studios, and much more for seniors to enjoy during their stay.

Christwood Retirement Community
Location: Covington, LA
website: http://www.christwoodrc.com/
This is a beautiful retirement community with a number of amenities and services for seniors to enjoy while living here. Between fine dining, hair salons, and convenient shops, seniors can be sure they will have fine living while staying here. They have features like housekeeping and maintenance of their beautiful landscapes and homes. You will have living options to choose from and you can enjoy amenities like gardening or fishing, programs and classes, activities to fit your interest, as well as much more.

Oaks of Louisiana
Location: Shreveport, LA
website: http://www.oaksofla.com/
This is a retirement community for seniors 55 years of age and up, and prices range from $1,563 and up. This community includes independent living, assisted living, and complete care on a beautiful landscape. Just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean you should have to stop living and this community seems to recognize that with their amenities they offer for seniors.

Louisiana has many options when it comes to retirement homes and whether you need assisted living or independent living, you are sure to find it. This list should have provided you with a head start in the search and if nothing else, it showed you what the internet can provide you. Now while I did my search online, it wouldn’t hurt to ask around your community about whether they know of retirement homes you can look into as well. The community can be a good option for those who are not good with computers or who just prefer not to use them. In either case, I have no doubt you will find the resources you need.

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