Louisiana – Rehab Programs or Assistance for Single Mothers

Life can be very stressful for any person or any family but this is especially true for single mothers with one income and no help from anyone. Sometimes you fall into some bad habits or maybe it’s your teenage son or daughter who has fallen into some bad habits and help is needed in these cases. Between everyday stresses like bills, works, your children’s lives and anything else that may be going on that nobody else knows about, it’s easy to understand why this would happen. If it’s your teenager suffering from a problem, between school work, friends, pure pressure and anything that may be going on at home or at school that you don’t know about, it can be understandable why it would happen to your child too. In either case, Louisiana does have rehabs available for people like you or your children to consider.

Now while there are rehabilitations are available, sometimes they aren’t the easiest to find and even with all the resources on the internet. I understand the frustrations so in attempt to give you a head start, I’m going to provide you with some resources that you may find useful.

Rayville Recovery: A New Beginning
website: http://www.rayvillerecovery.com/home/why-choose-us/
This is a CARF accredited rehab designed to treat those with both drug addictions and alcohol addictions. The best thing about this rehab is there is no cost for those with low income and also no cost for family support services, cafeterias on site, or laundry according to their website. All staff members have experience in dealing with problems and you will have support here. This website is worth checking out for more information.

Narcanon of Louisiana Drug Rehabilitations
website: http://www.shreveportla.gov/index.aspx?NID=716
This is a drug abuse rehab center and it is aimed to help drugs addicts recovery from their addictions, no matter what drug they are addicted to, legal or illegal. They turn down nobody and judge nobody, and they are locations throughout Louisiana. The facilities are located on 15 acres of wooded area and have activities for those attending to do. There are twenty- three staff members, including eight certified members and each member is trained to deal with whatever addiction you have.

Crystal Meth Rehab
website: http://www.soberforever.net/crystal-meth-addiction-abuse-rehab-oklahoma.cfm
This is a rehab that provides help for those who are addicts of crystal meth. People focus on alcohol and other drugs but crystal meth is sometimes forgotten, not with this rehab though. They use their skills to treat addicts without passing judgment and offer therapeutic services to help you or your child change your life for the better.

Louisiana Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
website: http://rehab-international.org/louisiana-rehab/
This provides a list of rehabs in a few cities so you can pick and choose which rehabilitation you want to go to. It doesn’t list every single option but it has some options in different cities so if you’re not in one city, you might be able to use an option in this city. If nothing else, it is worth looking at and while it doesn’t have websites or phone numbers but it does have addresses and the names of the centers so you can look them up on the yellow pages websites for phone numbers.

Ocean Breeze Recovery
website for information: http://www.recovery.org/providers/ocean-breeze-recovery-330888358/
This may be the last option on the list but it is certainly not the least valuable option. It is highly ranked and this facility focuses on mind, body, and spirit, not just the physical aspect of the addiction. They have a program for men, women, and a Christian program, and they have both insurance options as well as financing available. They have several programs to help you in your recovery and they use the latest technology to help you stay sober.

Now this is a small list but Louisiana has several rehab centers available for your convenience and searching the yellow pages can be helpful to you. After admitting to your addiction, it’s understandable why the process can be scary for you but all you can do is proceed forward and keep fighting. Even if you’re not doing it purely for yourself, do it for your children and loved ones, they love and depend on you. As long as you stay strong and keep fighting, the road for recovery is within sight and it can be a long hard fight but it will be worth it in the end.

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