Louisiana – Disaster Relief Options for Single Mothers

Disasters are something that sometimes does happen and we don’t ask for it but unfortunately we can’t stop it. Whether it’s a man-made disaster or a natural disaster sometimes, it leaves people with devastating results and they don’t know who to turn to. This is especially hard on single mothers with a child or more than one child. Whether you’re someone looking for some sort of help or you’re looking to help in some way yourself, Louisiana does have options for you. Louisiana has assistance as well as volunteer and donation groups for those who need and want it.

Now knowing this and finding these options are two different things and it can be a frustrating task all together. I can certainly understand it, especially when you’re on a strict timeline and you need to make a quick decision For that reason, I have written up a little article to help you in the best way possible and while I hope this article does help you, I do suggest you continue your own searches if you can.

Louisiana Baptists: Disaster Relief
website: http://louisianabaptists.org/disasterrelief
Now this is a Louisiana Baptist church and they aim to help individuals and communities recovery and heal from their experiences. This is for those who want to volunteer and those who have been in a disaster can explore this option too because they do have resources. For those looking to help, they have different volunteer opportunities available and they seek as many volunteers as they can get.

Disaster Assistance
website: http://www.disasterassistance.gov/
This is for those who have been in a disaster and need assistance of some sort. You can search for assistance, apply for assistance if you qualify, and check the status of your claim. I definitely recommend seeing if you qualify if you have been in a disaster of some sort because chances are you do qualify for something and you will be able to receive some sort of assistance.

Disaster Relief: Louisiana Law Help
website: http://louisianalawhelp.org/issues/disaster-relief
This is for those who suffered a disaster and think they may have a legal case on their hands. Now the website does warn that some of the information may not be up to date and I do warn this is more informational so you can determine if you may or may not have a legal case but it is worth checking out for those that may have a case on their hands.

Food Bank of Central Louisiana: Programs – Disaster Relief
website: http://www.fbcenla.org/site/Programs/DisasterRelief.aspx
This is the food bank but they have a program for those who suffered from a disaster and offer programs based on that. If you’re in need and suffering because of the disaster you suffered from, you can call the food bank or even email them about their program. Better yet, you can check their website about their program that aims to provide food to those who need it and who offered from disasters.

Response & Recovery Efforts: Louisiana
website: http://www.volunteerlouisiana.gov/help-in-disaster/response-recovery-efforts/
This option is for those who want to help those who suffered from disasters. Their goal is to help rebuild homes and those 17 (with parental guidance and permission) and older can assist in the process. The website also has other resources so if you are on the receiving end of the disaster, you may find this useful to you. Any information you may be curious about if surely on the website so if this interests you, I suggest you at least tale a look at the website.

As mentioned before, I still suggest you do your own searches if you can because you’re the best judge of character for what you want. I know it can be time consuming which is not something everyone has and it can even be a little bit scary if you’re on the receiving end of the disaster but don’t give up just yet. There are programs out there designed to help people like you and if you just stay strong and continue to search for them, you’ll find them. In either case, I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you need as long as you don’t give up. Ask around your community as well and see what they have to offer you because chances are you’ll receive help from the community around you.

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