Louisiana – College Options for Single Mothers

Whether you’re looking into to college to further your education now that you’re at a stable point in your life or you’re helping your kids look into colleges, it’s a good option to consider. College betters your chances for a better job and increases the opportunities that may be available to you. It doesn’t matter who you’re looking for, Louisiana does have quite a few options whether you know it or not. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it because it gives you more choices to choose from.

Sometimes finding these options can be a little bit of a task but having the patience to search for them will be worth it in the end, whether you believe it or not. I understand the frustrations, especially if you’ve been searching for hours and you invested a lot of time in researching your options. Now while I recommend you continue to do your own research, I have provided you with a few options to consider and listed a small summary of why these may be good options for you.

Tulane University
website: http://tulane.edu/
This university is a private research university, located in New Orleans, LA. Located across from attractive parks, the university can be found in uptown New Orleans, with beautiful oak trees in surrounding areas. They offer both undergraduate and graduate programs, and you can choose from undergraduate categories in arts, fine arts, engineering, public health and more. If you’re interested in a graduate program, depending on whether you want a master’s, a PHD, or another graduate program, you also can choose between a list of categories for these types of programs.

Louisiana State University
website: http://lsu.edu/
The university is a public coeducational university and it is located in Baton Rouge, LA. It consists of approximately 250 buildings designed in the style of Italian Renaissance architect. There are a variety of categories and classes to choose from so you won’t be disappointed in your choices. For sports fans, there are 21 different sports teams in a variety of sports (men and women) and they are a member of the NCAA and the SEC. The University mascot is Mike the mascot.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
website: http://louisiana.edu/
This university is in Lafayette, LA and it is a coeducational public research university. It is a nine campus university and has the second largest enrollment of students in Louisiana. You can choose between art categories to business to education, to engineering, and many more categories. The sports team participates in NCAA Division I, and the university participates in many different sports (men’s and women’s).

Louisiana Tech University
website: http://www.latech.edu/
LTU is a public research university and it resides in Ruston, Louisiana. This university specializes in arts and sciences, and it currently has approximately 11,200 students enrolled, give or take a few. It has sixteen varsity NCAA Division I sports teams and it is a member of the Conference USA. In sports, the university is known for its football team and its women’s basketball team, which have won three championships.

McNeese State University
website: http://www.mcneese.edu/
McNeese State University is a public university and its location is in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Currently, there are approximately 7,646 students, 819 which are postgraduates and 6,827 who are undergraduates. You can choose between a variety of course and their studies are all accredited by their respected boards. For sports fans, they mostly participate in football, baseball, and basketball so you can have your fill of sports with this college. In either case, this college does have a lot going for it just as any of the options do.

Centenary College of Louisiana
website: http://www.centenary.edu/
This college is a four year private college, specializing in arts and science, located in Shreveport, Louisiana. If it matters, this college is associated with the United Methodist Church and it is the oldest chartered college west of the Mississippi River. It is spread across sixty five acres with beautiful scenery around and is home to approximately 300 species of life, give or take. It does have quite a bit of a choice when it comes to studies but it excels at the studies you do choose from and students are overall happy with their choices. The college does participate in sports activities and students are overall happy with student life here so those marks can be checked off your checklist.

As mentioned before, this is a small list and this is based on my own research but I recommend you continue your own research. You have to weigh your pros and cons, and only you know what you’re truly searching for and what you’re willing to live with or without. Louisiana does have its fair share of colleges if you want to stay in state and it’s best to explore each option with an open mind, carefully. In the end, I have no doubt you’ll be able to make a decision based on the conclusions you come to because surely one college will have something you like that the others don’t, or it will do something better than the other colleges. Good luck!

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