Louisiana – Charities; Donating for Single Mothers

It’s not secret the world has problems and our country is no different from any other country. We have our fair share of issues countrywide and statewide, which is partially why charities exist. Some of these charities exist to help with these problems whether it be to fight against hunger or to help animals and wildlife, or something else. You are well aware of this and now you’ve decided you want to donate to a charity of some sort. Not only do you want to help an organization or cause but as a single mother, you want to set a good example for your children to be inspired by. You don’t mind donating to a charity in any state but you’re looking for something specifically in Louisiana. You’re in luck because Louisiana does have its fair share of charities, organizations, and causes for you to donate to.

Even knowing these charities are out there, time is not on your side and while you intend to look at some point, you’re hoping to find something to confiscate in the meantime. In attempt to help you with that process, I am going to provide you with a few charities/ organizations you can donate to. Now while I won’t list everything available out there, I hope this will at least help you in your search.

Louisiana State Troopers Associations: This is an organization to support Louisiana police and all funds will go to support them. You can donate to this organization or buy merchandise and all donations will go to support the police force while most funds from merchandise purchases go to the police force if you decide to make a purchase. We all know there are some bad apples out there if you know what I mean but most officers work hard and they do their jobs properly while getting the slack for those who do not, so donations to this cause is something to consider.

Louisiana SPCA: This is a good option for animal lovers and obviously the SPCA tends to animal needs. They have a number of programs for animals and pets owners and your donations help support them and their programs, as well as care for the pets they care for. You can donate different amounts so even if you don’t have a whole lot of money, you can still help in some way.

Louisiana Clothes Donating: This organization strives to help those in need, whether they’re very low income or homeless. They want your clothing and lightly used household item donations but if you prefer, you can donate cash too since they can use that to provide items to those who need it more than those of us who are fortunate enough to afford it. If you’re donating an item or clothes, you can even schedule a pick up and they’ll come by and pick it up for you.

Catholic Charities of North Louisiana: This organization strives to help those less fortunate as well, whether it’s people in hunger, people who need emergency assistance, or something else. Your donations will go to help these programs that they provide and it will help them keep their programs going strong and actively. You can’t go wrong if you decide to donate to such a giving organization like this.

Louisiana Charities Guide: Instead of a specific charity, this a guide to lists of charities and depending on what you choose, you can get different lists of charities in your area. This is good for people who are very specific about which charity they want to donate to and it’s also good for people who want to research each and every charity they look at.

Charity and giving is probably one of the kindest things a person can do, especially in today’s day, age, and economy. It also shows children that not everything is about how much they can get and not to take what they have for granted because there are a lot of people who have much less. When you read these kind of comments, it’s common for people to go back to themselves and think about ‘I have hard times too’, which nobody is disputing, but charity brings you back to reality and shows you someone always has it worse, always and you can help these people, and feel a little better. I am confident you will find a charity that suits your liking if you don’t give up.

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