Learning Support For Single Mothers

Single mothers are increasing by day, most of them have no knowledge of higher education. This issue seriously poses a serious threat to our economy by measuring it on a scale of the elite, partially educated and uneducated. Most people who do not have higher education in this modern age are unemployed, due to the fact that they do not have the training necessary to work in a particular field. This has resulted in serious matters being discussed in the United States legislature whereby fruitful results have been achieved. Today, there are free trainings for single mothers which are awarded according to educational levels. However, the system is not as flexible as it ought to be, there should be some serious restructuring that must be done in order for it to run smoothly. Some of this trainings, should be able to meet the current demand of the society. I have analyzed and come up with some necessary remedies which enable single mothers benefit from such trainings.

Proper dispersal of time.
This is the key to encourage more single moms to take part in any training being offered, there should be a diverse allotment of time, which include evening classes so that many single mothers can be able to attend at convenient times within their schedules. A common single mother works approximately ten hours a day, she has to stay at home and attend to her kids, if there is inadequate timing given for these trainings there is a huge possibility that she will not attend them. Hence the time factor is something that should be put into keen consideration.

Upgraded training system.
Although the government has taken huge steps to ensure that single mothers earn skills through training there are major setbacks that have come into play. The current training system is an overrated one, which only teaches on matters that are not easily applied in current world. For example, single moms are taught on how to sew clothes manually, yet in the outside world people use machines. They should employ a system that can enable single mothers to know how to operate machines, to up their hopes for jobs in the future.

Conducive learning environments.
For trainings to be done well and for it to meet its target and sell its ideas to the intended people, they must be done in the proper way and in a conducive environment. Trainings meant for single mothers aren’t achieving their intended purposes because, they do not meet this requirement. For example, in Philadelphia, where there are very many single moms, you find training classes being filled yet there aren’t enough equipments to cater for all. Education is good, but again, it’s better when done in a much smarter way.

We appreciate what the government is doing in assisting single mothers, but I believe if they could add a little extra effort they can achieve their goal in the fight against poverty, this is because most people living below the poverty line are single mothers.

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