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Maybe you finally got everything under control in your life. Your finances are at least under control, your kids’ lives are stable, your work and home life is stable. With some of your free time, you decided you would volunteer to help out your community. It’s a good idea to help the community because by doing this, you’re saving the community resources and money.

After researching some of Nevada’s options, I have proposed a small list of volunteering opportunities for you to consider. There’s difference types of volunteering in this list and if you’re unsure of what you want to offer your time to, perhaps this list will give you some ideas at the very least.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission
The Las Vegas Rescue mission is an opportunity that helps the homeless. According to their site, the volunteering jobs range from giving clothes to the homeless to serving meals. Their site has more details on jobs but they have a good cause and they seem as if they really want to help the community and those less fortunate than those of us who do have homes. This is a good cause and a good one to consider.

Three Square Volunteering
This volunteering opportunity revolves around serving meals to those who need it. From young children to seniors, this volunteering opportunity is good for those who are very into the hunger problem. The site has all the information and what you need to do to apply. It also has a number if you have any question and/or concerns.

Volunteer Center
Now with this site, you search for your own options in your location. This option is good if you already have an idea of what you want to search for, but even if you don’t use the keyword option, you can use this site to find opportunities in general.

City of Las Vegas Volunteer Opportunities
This is obviously a legit site and this page provides you with three opportunities to help the homeless. So many people judge homeless people but instead of judging them, this site gives you the opportunity to help them. If you explore the site, I’m sure there are more volunteering opportunities. I will admit I didn’t explore it extensively but I do believe this is another good cause.

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

This one obviously is a touchy one since some people have had children who had cancer but it’s definitely a good cause. The volunteering is usually in tutoring and Special event committees. The site states they do events and programs and that’s when they want volunteers most of the time. This is a good option to consider when looking at your choices.

Department of Veteran Affairs
Now the link will only give you information and how you can go about volunteering or donating but this is another good option. If you offer your time, you provide your time at the Medical center and make Veterans time more comfortable. You’re helping veterans and helping a good cause with your free time by volunteering.

Whether you choose one of these options or not, hopefully it is a good guide for your search in looking volunteering opportunities.

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