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Parenting is hard, that much is apparent and that’s especially true when you’re a single mother. Between home life and work life, life can become overwhelming and you can slip into addiction. It doesn’t make you a bad person, these things happen but the important part is you realize the problem and try to get help.

Where do you turn to though? What kind of rehabs are there out there?

I’m positive this article will give you an idea of a few rehabs out there. Keep in mind that while I will only list websites, there are many more help options available to you. So hopefully this will be a good starting point for you at least.

Solutions Recovery (
Whether your problem is with drugs, alcohol, or pills, this is a good option for you. They are very understanding to addiction problems and when asked a few questions, they seemed to post no judgment. This is definitely a plus since the last thing you want is judgment from anyone else so I would suggest considering this as an option when looking at your recovery options. Options (
Now this offers you a choice of recovery centers to choose from and some of them have been reviewed and rated. With this, you can decide what’s best for you physically, mentally, and financially. This gives a little comfort in knowing you have more than one option if you can’t afford some of these options listed here.

Detoxification Las Vegas Recovery Center (
This is a good for those who are trying to recover from substance abuse. This is not the official website but more of an information site and it lists all their information and what they offer. As with a lot of rehabs, you don’t have to check into an inpatient program, you can do an outpatient program if that would work better for you. This is definitely a good option for you to consider if you’re looking for good recovery.

Family and Child Trt of Southern NV (
This is another informational site about this center but it is a good option. This doesn’t only offer help for adults but if your child has gotten into some type of drug or alcohol abuse, this can help your child as well. Fees vary and you will have to call for that type of thing but if you have certain health insurances, sometimes that will cover most, if not all the fees.

Detoxification Drug Alcohol Treatment (
Now this is a good option and it has a five star rating. I thought it deserved a worthy mention for that reason and especially since the reviews I have looked up were all fairly good. It covers most of the detoxification programs you would expect and it has inpatient as well as outpatient programs, as do some of the others do. You would have to call about prices but this is definitely a worthy option to consider and deserved a spot on the list.

Now hopefully this will provide you a good starting point in your search, even if you don’t specifically use the options listed. Remember you can search Google for options and you can always call your health insurance to see what options you have with them. Whatever you do, keep in mind, you’ve made a first step by recognizing a problem and that in itself is a big step on your part.

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