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It’s hard to maintain a job with certain companies letting people go and other companies hesitant to hire employees. It’s hard to go to work when you’re unhappy with the job you’re at or it’s just not paying enough to make it. It makes it worse when you’re a parent and you’re a single parent caring for your child all on your own.

The bad news is we can’t force companies to hire you but the good news is companies are slowly starting to hire again. I’ll give you a few sites you can look into and maybe get any idea of what jobs are out there. While I’ll only mention a few, there’s several others out there and with a good internet search, you can find them if you truly desire to.

Nevada DMV Employment Opportunities
As with any job, you have to meet certain requirements to qualify and this is for specific jobs but here is one option for you. If you don’t mind working in this department, you can check if they are hiring right now and apply for a job here.

State of Nevada Career Opportunities
Now this site offers specific jobs but it does give you a little bit of a choice as well. Everything on the site is functional and it appears to be easy to read and understand. Give these opportunities a chance

NVAPPS (Nevada Employee Action and Timekeeping System)
Now I admit I didn’t extensively search this site but this appears to be a good option. While this is slightly specific, there are more options available to those who want these types of jobs. This site deserves a worthy mention.

Nevada: Top USA Jobs
Now finally we have a site you don’t have to look for specific jobs like the other choices. You can just put in what you want to search for and click the search button, almost like some of the other job sites. This is a good option for people who can’t go for specific jobs and need more of a variety in job searching sites.

Nevada Jobs
This is another one that gives more variety. This will probably give you similar searches but I thought it was worthy of a mention because I did see some results I didn’t see on the last site so it’s definitely worth a look if nothing else. You just put in your location and any keywords if you choose to, and search away.

Nevada Job Connect
According to the website, this is a site that connects businesses with employees. Now I didn’t extensively search the website but it appears legit and my programs didn’t detect it as a bad site. This is definitely worth a mention.

Now I only mentioned some options and mostly those that are specific with Nevada. Of course there’s always Monster, indeed, Career builders, which are all great options for you as well. Whichever option you choose, choose wisely.

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