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Whether you’re the parent of one child or a few children, being a parent is hard. This is especially true when you’re a single mother with no help from anyone else. You have bills, work, your kid’s homework, and everything else in life, things can get overwhelming. Sometimes rent or mortgage can become overwhelming and get behind or even get you on the verge of being thrown out of your place. That just wouldn’t be good for not only you but your child either and your child is always what’s on your mind.

I will provide you with four good resources you can look into in case you need some help with your current housing situation.

Nevada Housing Division (
This is an official government website and it has options available to you. Whether it’s paying housing bills or finding a new place, this site can assist you. You can contact them with any questions you have and to ask about any programs they may or may not be able to assist you with. If calling is not something you wish to do, they do have their programs listed.

Nevada Hud (
Whether you need help with a section 8 program or to avoid foreclosure or you just need to speak to someone about your situation, this is another option. This site has options from voucher programs to housing relocations to housing counselors. You’ll need to explore the site a little bit to find what you’re looking for but this is something to consider and may be able to help you. Keep in mind, these things usually have hefty waiting lists so just remember that if you need something immediately.

Nevada Housing Authority Rental Assistance (
This more for people looking for rental assistance and choice vouchers. If you have problems keeping up with the rent and need assistance in that area, these people can help you. There are other areas of the website that can help you more with housing assistance but this particular area is for rental assistance if you need it. Give them a call or contact them and see if they can help you, and maybe you can receive some sort of reassurance once you’re done with your conversation.

The Housing Choice Vouchers Program (
The website explains the types of voucher programs, requirements for qualification, and a link to apply for them. You give this site a good looking at if this is the kind of assistance you need and consider this as an option. This can help assist you with rent and that can help you get your bills in order so things are more stable for you.

Now while, I only listed four options, you can research your local options in your city and see what other options may be available to you. Now keep in mind, you have to make under a certain amount of income and you do have to meet certain requirements to qualify for these programs but the majority of people can qualify for them and you likely are no different in that aspect.

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