Las Vegas, NV and Other Cities – General Assistance

Things get hard but especially when you’re a single mother playing the role of both mother and father. Sometimes things get stressful and emotions go wild when you realize you need a little help and there’s no shame in that. A lot of single parents come to this point and they sometimes don’t know what to look into or where to look.

This article is designed to hopefully give you an idea of what you can do to get some help or where you can go to get help. Even if you don’t use these resources, hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what you can do and where you can look for help.

Child Care
If you need someone to take care of your child while you’re at work, you have two options here. You can look into daycares at the yellow pages website and see if one catches your eye. There’s many day cares for children of all ages all over Nevada so there should be something close to you that means your needs. If there is something you’re uncertain about or have a question about, you can give the daycare a call and ask them your questions, and inquire about prices.

Daycares can get pricey so if that’s not an option you want to go with, you can hire a babysitter if family can’t babysit for you. There is a website,, that specializes with babysitting and you can either most a post about a job offering or look through the posts by people offering their babysitting services. This can be a little bit of a cheaper solution than daycare and you can have a few meetings with your preferred babysitter before you actually hire the babysitter. You do have to sign up for an account but after that, you have access to all the website features.

If you’re out of the job or looking for a job, you can go to websites like monster, indeed, career builders, and sign up for a profile there. You sign up for an account and post your resume or you can directly apply for certain jobs in your area that appeal to you. A lot of people find jobs by using sites like this and there are many of them.

You can also look at your local government sites or look through Nevada classifieds and see if they have jobs. Sometimes they have good options for people looking for short or long term work and they have helped a number of people as well.

Sometimes things can get overwhelming and sometimes you just need someone to talk to. There is no shame in that no matter what you are told and it can only benefit you most times. You can call you health insurance and have them refer you to someone or search your preferred search engine for therapists in your area until you find one that meets your requirements.

I will provide a link for you to check out if you need it:

There are many more sites like this so don’t be afraid to search and don’t be afraid to see a therapist if you need to.

Government Programs
No matter what kind of assistance you need, there are a number of programs the Nevada government has to help you. Whether it’s help paying bills or paying rent, cash assistance, grants, or whatever it is, you can look on the government site and see what kind of help would be good for you. It can definitely help assist you and keep some costs down while making things less stressful.

If none of these are what you need, do a search on the internet and you’re more than likely going to find something that can help you. After all, things are stressful and people can use all the help they could get right now.

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