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As a single mother, you finally are comfortable enough in your life where you’re ready to go to college and get a better education for yourself. However, Nevada has so much colleges and you just don’t know what college to choose for yourself. I’ve researched what is considered some of the best colleges around and I’m here to provide you with the top five choices.

University of Nevada, Reno
Location: Reno, Nevada
The website claims it’s one of the nation’s top public research universities — yet smart enough to connect with professors who guide you to success. Apparently most people agree and it is one of Nevada’s top universities. It has a high acceptance rate and a high amount of students enrolled, and the tuition is what you would expect. This appears to be a good option to consider when looking at the colleges you want to go to.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
This one is located in Las Vegas and it’s at the top of the list too. It’s acceptance rate it slightly lower but it has a larger amount of students enrolled. It’s a bit higher as far as tuition goes but it’s said to be an enjoyable option according to some of the reviews I have seen. If you can afford to pay a little bit of a higher price, this is a good option for you to consider when looking at colleges.

The Art Institute of Las Vegas
Location: Henderson/Las Vegas Nevada (It has several locations, not just one)
This option of for those pursuing art careers and the best part is there is more than one location. It is not just in Las Vegas or in Henderson, they have several locations and you can look for their locations on their website. It has a good amount of praise and a decent acceptance rate so you would likely be accepted. Their tuition varies, it can get pricey but if you plan ahead of time, you can keep costs under control.

Expertise Cosmetology Institute
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
This options is obviously for those who want to study cosmetology. This has a great rating and tuition, as well as acceptance rate varies but you likely would be accepted. One some sites, it’s the number three school in Nevada and it’s said to have great support for those who have any questions or concerns. Consider this as an option if this is the type of education you’re look for.

Sierra Nevada College
Location: Incline Village, Nevada
Despite this being the last option, it deserves an spot on the list. Graduation rates as well as tuition rates vary but this is another one where you should plan ahead of time and save up to keep your costs down. Even with this in mind, this still deserves a worthy mention on the list.

Now these are only a few options, there are several colleges and universities all over Nevada. Even if they’re not on any list, it doesn’t make them a bad college to consider so also keep that in mind. Do your research before choosing a college and best of luck to you and your search for colleges.

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