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Volunteering is good for yourself and other people. It helps your self esteem, it helps those in need, it helps your community and it sets a good example for your children. You spend some of your free time volunteering and get your children excited and involved with the process. It all sounds great when thinking about it but the problem is you’re not exactly sure of what to look for. You don’t mind the usual volunteering jobs but sometimes you want to try something a little different.

Well you’re in luck because this article is here to provide you some researches with some of what you would expect, as well as different choices for volunteering. This way you can help your community and get your children involved in the process so they can feel a sense of accomplishment too.

Northern Illinois Food Bank
This is one of the more typical options but it is just as helpful and fulfilling as any option. The food bank is an obvious choice because it feeds those in need and helps those who need it. To feed people who can’t afford it will give you a sense of accomplishment and warmth, and leave you feeling good about yourself. If your children are old enough, you can even get them involved in this volunteering option as well.

Illinois Volunteer: Nature
This is an option for nature lovers and this would be a good option for the children too. Not only are you helping the environment but this is not one of the same inside volunteering (which is just as effective by the way) opportunity, you get to get out and enjoy nature and your kids can participate too if they are old enough for the task. Consider this as an option.

Office of Volunteer Programs
This one is for students and offers a number of programs, as well as donating opportunities. This is a good option for the students volunteering whether you’re mothers or not. This a good opportunity to get involved early on that way you can have that sense of accomplishment early on and just stay involved throughout your life.

DuPage County Volunteer Opportunities
This site provides a few volunteering options across this county. This will be good for you to search for an opportunity you want to search for instead of having to pick and choose one. This is only within a certain county but if you live in this county, it’s a good page to look at.

Chicago Cares Volunteering
This is another search site that you use to find volunteering opportunities. You just put your zip code and keyword, if you have one, and search. Despite it being called Chicago cares, it seems to search in areas around as well so you shouldn’t have a problem if you aren’t directly in Chicago.

Now these are only a few options but if you good a search for volunteering opportunities in your area. I encourage you to do a search if these options don’t work for you and I encourage you to involve your children. Good luck in your search and don’t be afraid to volunteer, you won’t regret it once you do it.

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