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Whether you’re a senior who’s looking to stay in a retirement community, a child of a senior parent looking for your parent, or looking for a retirement community for your future. There are good options out there for you. Illinois has a number of retirement homes and communities available for seniors looking to settle down in a community more fit for them. A lot of these retirement homes are reasonably priced and are affordable to seniors.

A few Options Available

Sun City Huntley
Location: Huntley, IL
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.
website with information:
This is an option that offers single family homes, attached homes, and condos. The prices range depending on what you want and the age requirement is 55+. This is a good option for seniors looking to be a more quiet environment without youngsters throwing parties, screaming kids running around, and fighting couples. After doing some research, it seems they do take care of their properties and they care about your concerns and questions.

Senior Suites of Bridgeport
Location: Chicago, IL
Rating: 4.5 stars of 5.
website with information:
Another good options for seniors. This has a number of amenities, visiting physical therapists if needed, and it allows pets. According to reviews, the staff is friendly and they seem to care about their residents. According to my own research, you won’t be treated any differently just because you’re older and retired. This is definitely a good option to look into for you or your parent.

The Garlands of Barrington

Location: Barrington, Il
Rating: 5 stars
Here is another great option. This option has a lot of great amenities and offers a quality life for seniors to reside in. Of course the website is going to say 5 stars but after searching around a little bit, I find that the rating isn’t far off so you’re sure to enjoy yourself if you choose this option.

Clare Oaks
Location: Bartlett, IL
Here is another option for seniors. The website is very appealing and has a lot of information for those unsure about it. It has a list of its amenities as well as costs and a look at floor plans so you can choose which one you want. This option seems to give you more information so can decide what’s best for you or your parent. I say this is definitely worth a look at despite not having a rating that I could find.

Now I only listed four options here but that is because I do believe people should do their own research and find what’s best for them or their family members. You are the only one who knows what’s best, not anyone else and I will provide you with links you can use to search yourself. It is advised you do a search on your preferred search engine as well though, you may find more appropriate results more fitted for you.

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