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The utilities and rent can already been a task on its own. This is especially true when you’re a single mother living anywhere but especially in certain parts of Illinois. So you certain can’t afford medical and dental bills on top of that when you have to take care of your child and other bills too. You’ll be happy to know there is hope for your and Illinois does have options for people as well as single parents.

Now while you do have to qualify for these, most people would qualify so you hardly have much to worry about. Let’s go over what options and choices you have, and keep in mind, while I will only list a few options, there’s many more for you if you just search for them.

Medical Services at Illinois Masonic Medical Center : Dental programs
This website lists a few dental programs that are available to a variety of people and most of them are willing to work with you on payments, although you will have to call to confirm that. If one doesn’t work out, you can give another one of these options a call and see if they’re a better choice for you or your child(s).

First Class Medical and Dental Care
Now this is a community health option but it is definitely a good option to consider. If you scroll down, you can click the link to see if you qualify and more than likely, you will. According to the website, you will start with an appointment which will include examination, assessment, and treatment plan. This option can help you or your child with medical and dental care and if you want more information on it, you can give them a call but by exploring the website, they appear legit and like a decent option.

HFS Healthcare and Family Services
Now this will provide you with information on how you could get more coverage, child services, and other services. This gives you information on these services and lets you explore your options on what’s available for your child and you. While this is not exactly a medical center, it’s definitely a good website to check out and learn more about health care options, and child service options. Take a look here, you never know, you might find something that could help you and your child(s) out.

Illinois Department of Human Services
Now this is the obvious option to get coverage. Not only can you apply for Medicaid, you can apply for other services your child or you might need. Again, you need to meet certain requirements to qualify but if you do, this is another option for your child and/or you.

Now these are only four options, there are many other options all over Illinois if you look for them either in the phone book or online. A good search goes a long way for you and your child(s) so definitely consider these options and do your own search to be sure you are getting what you need for yourself and your child.

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