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There’s a number of general assistance programs out there for individuals to consider. Single mothers might need this more than ever these days since times can be hard for some. That’s not to say that they have to have these programs but when there’s only one income coming in and you have children, it’s hard to make the income last.

I’m going to give you an idea of what is available to you in the Illinois area and hopefully it will help you decide which program to sign up for, if any, and which program you need.

Cash Assistance Programs
This website gives you an idea of what cash programs are available, as well as the links to where you can go for them. If you’re in need for some type of cash assistance, this is definitely a good site to take a look at.

Illinois Legal Aid
Now this site gives information on the general assistance program and gives you an idea of what your rights are to apply for it. It’s a type of welfare program and if you need, it’s available for you to apply.

Now this is the website you can use to apply for a number of Illinois programs. Whether it be Medicaid or cash assistance, or child support services, you can use this site for it. This is definitely one of the best options to use when looking for assistance. Don’t overlook this site, you’re sure to find a program to help you with this website.

Illinois Assistance Programs
Now this is a list of assistance programs that Illinois offers and it’s definitely worth looking at so you know what is available to you. In this list, there’s numbers provided for each program so you can always call them and ask for any information you may need about their programs or even inquire if you qualify.

Oak Park
This is assistance for Oak Park residents and if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth looking at. It has all the information on the website and has an address, as well as a phone number if you have in questions, concerns, or suggestions. Definitely give them a consideration if you’re in the Oak Park area.

Evanston General Assistance
If you are in the Evanston, Il area, this is a site you should take a look at for information and it could possibly give you an idea of whether or not you qualify for general assistance or not.

Now I only mentioned some websites but it’s best you do your own research for your own resources since you’re the only one who knows what kind of help you or your child needs. If nothing else, these websites will provide as good resources and give you a good idea of what is available and perhaps give you an idea of what you should look for when doing your own search.

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