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In today’s day and age, having a job is required nowadays, even as a woman. That is especially true if you’re a single mother and you’re playing the role of mother and father. Not only do you have to provide for yourself but you have to provide for your child or children. That can be pricey at times no matter what age they are and no matter what gender they are.

This situation can get a little stressful though when you’re either in between jobs or for some reason looking for a new job, and are on unemployment temporarily. Anyone who has had unemployment knows it doesn’t offer much and it is not a solution, it won’t solve your problems. So finding a job is an absolute must. Not only for your needs but also for your child or children’s needs.

Fortunately, there are many job opportunity options for you and with this article, I hope to provide those options to you. I will list some of the known options as well as the options you may not have thought of or known about. With these websites, hopefully you can find something that will provide you with what you need or what you want.

Obvious Options

Career Builders
Career Builders is one of the more known websites to search for jobs. You just put your zip code in and search away for what job might fit you. In advanced search, you can customize your search to fit your needs and narrow down the results.

Monster is another known job searching site with similar features as career builders. It can produce some of the same results as well as different results though and this is why it is good to search multiple job sites, because while they have some of the same results, some results will differ from other sites.

Snag A Job
Snag a job might not be known by everyone but it is pretty known as well and does provide a variety of results that career builders or monster might not show. So I definitely recommend giving this site a good searching.

Indeed is another good option similar to snag a job but provides you with results that all your obvious choices might give, as well as different ones. I suggest giving this website a good browsing.

Less Obvious Options

Work 4 Illinois
This is a good option to explore while in search for a job. The requirements to qualify for any of these jobs are posted on the page and it offers opportunities to veterans as well as non-veterans.

With this website, you can sign up for an account and file for unemployment benefits, search for jobs, as well as look for opportunities if you’re a veteran. This is something to consider when searching for a job.

Illinois Jobs
Now there is one of these sites for every state and Illinois is no different. Click your city and search away for a job, and hopefully you find something useful to you.

Illinois Job link
Now this is good for searching for jobs as well as posting jobs. You just sign up for an account and see what options are available to you.

Illinois Toll way Opportunities
Now I know this is for specific jobs but this could help some people. It’s definitely work taking a look at if you have the qualifications for it. Definitely give it a shot and see if it works for you and if not, at least you gave it a chance.

Now I always recommend to people searching for jobs that they do their own searches in person and online. Only you know what you’re looking for and only you know what’s best for you. Hopefully these websites provide you with a good starting point and you can get some information on what’s out there in your area.

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