How Single Mothers Should Adopt to Their Situation

The number of single mothers is gradually on the rise. Many families have abandoned the old family structure and adopted a single parent structure whereby, in most cases the mothers are single. Therefore, they are being trained on how to cope with the number of challenges they are facing, e.g.; poverty and depression. They have been taught how to adopt some adaptive functional styles such as:

Utilizing available personal resources enables them to economize and live within their limits. They need not go for things that are beyond their pocket. Furniture can be repaired instead of buying new expensive ones, old household that are no longer in use could be sold and the money used to purchase other households and services.

Single parents should try as much as possible to avoid applying for loans and asking for debts unless it is a critical situation. This is because accumulated debts are a headache if one is unable to hit the deadline of paying them and might cause unnecessary depression which could have been avoided in the first place.

Since the family structure is now changed, single mothers should be more responsible than ever to both themselves and their kids. They need to avoid engaging in less important activities such as weekly parties and attend to their family’s needs instead.

Seminars and counseling
These will help them cope with stress that flashes in at any time and guide them on how to handle various challenging situations. It gives them a break from the monotonous schedule and refreshes their minds. They will get to meet new people, socialize and even their fellow single mothers, these comforts them that they are not alone.
Despite the condition of being single, these mothers should give themselves a chance to go for a date once in a while. Who knows, they might find a soul mate that will help them ease the pain on their backs. People are different, one should learn to put aside the past bitterness in order to embrace the future. In the dates they might come across someone going through the same situation and they will comfort each other. Dates are much fun too.

Air force
Recently, the US AIRFORCES have been accepting single mothers and pregnant women to join them. This is a big step as any single mother who had a passion to join the force will get a chance provided that they confirm they got a reliable babysitter to take care of underage kids at home.

These measures if continually observed and more relevant ones added to them, then it will really help the situation of single parents not only, but worldwide. Single mothers need not to be looked down upon or viewed as men in skirts, but supported as much as possible. They need care and love to make them feel accepted in the society. Their families should not be stigmatized and each country should incorporate mandatory lessons in learning institutions that teach students the importance of living together as one regardless of where you come from.

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