Housing Conditions Single Mothers Encounter

Housing conditions single mothers encounter in the US

Everyone desires to live in a big, immaculate, decent and affordable house in a safe and secure living environment. Housing is a social problem in the United States, whereby many single mothers are not able of insuring that their children have a home to live in a house, or some kind of dwelling, lodging or shelter. These single mothers go through emotional traumas, which sometimes make them commit evils such as suicide, drug abuse and prostitution. This is because, they can’t stand the fact that they cannot provide this basic need for their children. Yes, the United States government, the private sector and the public have come to their aid, but the housing sector is proving a hard burden to carry. The following I have elaborated some of the housing conditions single mothers encounter in the US.

Poor housing conditions.
Many single mothers in the United States, live in housing facilities that are poorly managed. Some of these facilities do not even have running water which is an essential necessity. They stay in this poor housing conditions because they are the cheapest around and they can be able to pay for them, yet they themselves know these aren’t the living condition a human being is entitled to.

Shanties and slums.
Many shanties and slums are coming up in different states in the US, majority of people living in them are the single women, who do not have enough capital to enable them and their children seek better housing facilities. The Shanties are built in such a way, that there aren’t any lavatories or running water to use. This is not only poor housing conditions, but also encourages the spread of diseases.

Home shelters.
In the United states there are various home shelters which people who seek refuge in. For example, in Chicago there is the Cornerstone Community Outreach which is run by the Cornerstone church. Its main idea is to harbor people for the night. This is a good way to reach the poor in the society, however, there are some downfalls that come with it, you must not be late or else you don’t get a space besides, it only accommodates a few numbers of individuals. Single mothers and their children who seek refuge there are sometimes faced with this difficulty.

Late payment of house rent and mortgages.
When it comes to payment of house rent and mortgages, single mothers are usually the last ones to pay. Many single mothers in the United States are unemployed and if they are employed they do not earn much yet they have huge responsibilities of ensuring that their families have adequate basic commodities. By this whenever it comes a time to pay rent or mortgage, headaches come because, maybe they don’t have the necessary funds to sort out the issue. Hence, majority of them end up being thrown out or even loosing their home on which they spent a lot of money paying up the mortgage bill.
All this are tough situations that our single mothers go through in the quest of raising tomorrows future. We should stand together as one nation in helping these moms.

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