Healthy Food and Nutrition Practices for Single Mothers and their families

Healthy Food and Nutrition Practices for Single Mothers and their families
Recent studies indicate that the number of single mothers is gradually increasing day by day due to various factors like live in relationships, widowing, divorces, etc. These studies focus on the plights faced by single mothers and their children. Many such families live under the poverty line and struggle to pass through. These difficulties are further augmented by various issues such as disability, bad nutrition, being out of jobs, disaster, etc. Many issues are faced by every single mother, and many others are localized. But one issue that every single mother faces is proper food and nutrition. It is very widespread and needs special attention, because proper guidance is needed in this aspect. Health is very important to single mothers, because if it is lost, then their lives could grind to a total halt.
Food and Nutrition at home:
The first step to proper nutrition begins at home. Every single meal could make or break your days. Home made food is the best food. Anything made in restaurants and fast food joints may smell and taste better but are just for the sake of tem. When it comes to the nutritional value, homemade food cannot be matched.
Making food at home may seem to be an added burden. But it is worth the time. It also is not as hard as it seems to be. Sandwiches can be made in a few minutes and does not involve the additional condiments that store foods add. Also buying the vegetables and meat yourself and preparing the food gives you knowledge on the quality and freshness of the products and enables you to make a better choice easily.
When it comes to drink, do not purchase soft drinks or aerated drinks. They are generally harmful on the long run and may cause obesity and cancer, which you do not need. Always stick to water. Maybe, just to break the ritual, go for outside food sparingly. Following this is lighter on your purse and healthier for you.
Food and Nutrition for your kids at school:
CACFP – Child and Adult Care Food Program, plays an important part in imparting proper, healthy and nutritious food in daycare centers. It checks the quality of food often and reimburses any expenses incurred in imparting this. Other than this, there are more than 95000 schools that provide free lunch, a balanced meal of nutritionally wholesome products. Close to 78000 schools provide subsidized breakfast also. Authorities and policies strictly govern and follow these schemes and ensure that the food fulfils the specifications imposed. They satisfy the USDA’s nutritional standards.
Such facilities ensure that your child gets a wholesome meal and you could be assured that such policies remain in place. Apart from these following generally healthy practices inside and outside your home could lead to a peaceful life. The Government has taken many initiatives, and as parents, expects you to do so. Eat healthy and act healthy.

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