Healthcare Information for Single Mothers

Healthcare goes hand in hand with single mothers. The reason behind this analogy is because single mothers are those who effective need, and impart medical care. The industry took a huge turn when President Obama introduced the healthcare policy, commonly dubbed Obamacare. This came out with mixed reactions, with a few towards the bill, a few against it, and many who didn’t know what it even meant. But it is the general consensus that for individuals below the poverty line, it was a great advantage. Few other countries offer many such propositions that are advantageous to single mothers. But focus is given specifically for United States of America because many of the single mothers are below poverty line, and other benefits are hard to come across because of implementation constraints.

Healthcare for Single Mothers:
The Federal Government has proposed the new Medicaid Eligibility, which will be 133% of the poverty line and mostly covers all single mothers. Millions of uninsured residents will qualify for this. Florida and Texas have already submitted interest in joining the Medicaid system. Under this system, you and your child would qualify for free health insurance. The only disadvantage is finding doctors to accept the Medicaid system, as it pays them less, but more are turning towards it day by day. Even though you do not qualify for this system, you get absurdly cheap insurance premiums. Obamacare has proven to be a dream come true for single mothers and children.

Healthcare by Single Mothers:
Healthcare industry, in terms of employee requirements, is always at a shortage. There are endless job opportunities in the industry and virtually 100% chance to get placed in a job. One point to be noted though, is, many professions within the industry require the single mother must have at least finished an undergraduate degree in a nursing or a medical college. But many such single mothers in the industry complete an associate degree from home. A great advantage with jobs in the healthcare industry is that the timings are flexible. Since there is a need for professionals all through the day; shift system is most common and you can choose a shift that suites you and your child’s requirements.
There are two types of jobs primarily within the industry; clinic and non-clinical jobs. Generally non clinical jobs pay less than clinical jobs, because they come with a host of other advantages. Popular clinical jobs include nurse, physician’s assistant, health care assistant, etc. Gaining experience in these professions and progressing in the field is easy. Non clinical jobs include health educator, mental health counselor, health information technician, healthcare administrator, medical secretary, medical equipment technician, etc. The advantage with non clinical jobs is that you could profess them from the confines of your house and as a result, they are famous among new mothers. They offer a steady and stable source of income too as they are always in vogue. With initial training and a few days learning the basics, a permanent source of revenue can be established.

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