Grants For Hispanic Women

There are grants for Hispanic women that are available for a variety of reasons. Twp of the most common grants are to fund a person interested in going back to school or starting a business. Foundations give grants to improve areas that the foundation thinks need improving.
For example, the number of Hispanic people who attend college is not keeping pace with the general growth in the Hispanic population. This is why some organizations offer grants for Hispanic women who wish to attain a higher education. Business grants typically require significant work and documentation to be able to apply, but they can help Hispanic women start or continue their businesses. Here are a few specific grants and grants organizations.
The Hispanic College Fund
The Hispanic College Fund is a non-profit with the exclusive goal of helping connect Hispanic students with scholarship partners. The grant amounts and requirements vary based on the program, but these grants can assist students with large tuition stipends. One grant is a partnership between the Hispanic College Fund and NASA that includes $10,000 in tuition assistance.
National Association of Hispanic Nurses
The National Association of Hispanic Nurses seeks to put more Hispanic people into the healthcare field. Since the vast majority of nurses are women, it is primarily Hispanic women who benefit from this organization’s grants and scholarships. The William K. Schubert, MD Minority Nursing Scholarship program is the organization’s premier program aimed at putting qualified individuals into nursing programs.
Hispanic Heritage Foundation
The Hispanic Heritage Foundation, a non-profit in the nation’s capital, grants financial awards to students in five areas: healthcare, business, education, engineering, and community service. These grants and scholarships seek to put Hispanic students, especially women, into areas of work where the foundation’s leaders believe there needs to be a greater Hispanic presence.
Minority Entrepreneur Grants
The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is the go-to source for Hispanic women who are looking to find funding for their business ventures. This agency’s purpose is to promote minority business ownership through giving start-up capital to deserving entrepreneurs with sold credit histories and business plans. Hispanic women make up a sizable portion of people who qualify for these grants, and Hispanic women seeking business grants should consult the Small Business Administration (SBA) for helping in security funding from the MBDA.
Grants for Women in Business
A range of government and non-profit agencies try to promote women-owned businesses within certain communities. If you are a Hispanic woman who owns at least a 51% stake in your business, then you may be able to find woman-owned business help. is the best starting place for Hispanic women looking for business grants. This site is a repository of the grants available from various government agencies and is easy to navigate.
Gates Millennium Scholars
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provides 1,000 scholarships annually to minority students who show leadership potential. The amount of the scholarship depends on how much money the student needs to attend college. The scholarships are available to students who are African American, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American, and they will help students to cover the entire cost of college- including tuition, books, and some common living expenses.
Other Help Available
Many institutions of higher learning offer scholarships to minority students in particular. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund ( is a good clearing house for scholarships aimed at minority students in general and Hispanic students in particular. Hispanic women are in the position to be able to apply for scholarships aimed at women specifically as well, increasing the chance of finding money to attend college.
In addition, local chambers of commerce often have grant programs available that will help business owners whose businesses promote areas that the chamber is promoting. For example, some local chambers may have a push for tourism-related businesses, and a business owner who offers local bus tours would be able to apply for assistance.
At the very least, someone at the local business center or chamber of commerce should be able to assist with places to find money. Many states have agencies similar to the federal government’s MBDA that offer grants to deserving minorities who wish to start their own businesses.

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