Grants And Scholarships Benefiting Single Teenage Mothers In Rhode Island

According to research, teenage pregnancy and early childbearing has a direct bearing on the economy of the country and this is not an exception when it comes to the Rhodes Island. Rhodes Island is ranked among the highest contributors to single teenage mother numbers with the number of teens giving birth at the age of 15 to 17 on the rise. This have had a direct impact on the economic status of the state with most of these mothers finding the going tough as far as financing their lives is concerned. With the rate of school dropout rising due to this, the government and non government organizations are out to help girls seeking to return to school with the necessary scholarships and grants that will make the cost of education easier and manageable to these young mothers. If you are a single teenage mother and would want to return to school, there are numerous programs that you could consider most of them government-sponsored while others are available from foundations and organizations such as churches.

As single teenage mother, one of the scholarships that you should consider is the Brice and Marjorie Sundlin Scholarship. As single teenage mother, one of the scholarships that you should consider is the Brice and Marjorie Sundlin Scholarship. This financial support from the Rhodes Island Foundation caters for single mothers who are low income earners and therefore can benefit you as a single teenage mother especially if you are the one who is solely responsible for the care of your young one. To receive this funding, one must meet all the set requirements one of them being that one of state residence while at the same time attending school within Rhodes Island.

The government also provides single teenage mothers with scholarships and grants although they might not carry that label on them. It is hard to find a single scholarship or grant that is dubbed “teenage mothers funding” but many of them will freely cater for you if you qualify and have met all the set requirements. And while as one will be happy to know that they are mothers, challenges normally stand on the way of the single moms, something that can be distressing and unbearable. You will be happy to know that you can get food voucher, transport grant and housing funding from the Rhode Island government and other organizations. This though might not be directed towards your college expenses could go a long way in helping you save some of your earnings and other monies which you can divert towards topping up your tuition fees.

Pell Grant is yet another great financing opportunity that you should consider as a single teenage mother. Supported by the government and managed by a number of universities and colleges within the state, this fund has helped thousands of people, single teenage mothers included and you are not an exception. You should however make sure that you have filed your FAFSA application early enough if you are considering to seek for the Pell Grant funding as this is one of the main requirement that you should fulfill.

You should also feel free to talk to your university or college finance department as most of the colleges within the US have different scholarships and grants that you could qualify for. If you are a good achiever in academics and other arts in school, you will be amazed to know that there are many great opportunities that could benefit you. One of the best scholarships for single teenage mothers is that from the University of Rhodes Island, Women’s Studies Department which is now available to single mothers who are state residents.

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