Grant And Scholarship Programs Single Teenage Mothers In WV

Paying for college or university education can be tough and especially for single teenage mothers who have to juggle between their new found responsibilities and the need to continue with their education. It is agreed that helping the single moms continue with their education could be a great way of enhancing their financial muscles thus lowering the level of poverty not only in the state of West Virginia but also in the entire nation. There are therefore a number of grants and scholarships for single teenage mothers in the state although most of them are open to other eligible residents as well and it will be worth it to try and secure some financial assistance with the aim of continuing with your studies.

One of the available scholarship programs that could benefit you is the PROMISE Scholarship otherwise known as Providing Real Opportunities for Maximization In-State Student Excellence. This merit-based scholarship program is aimed at helping students who have qualified for college in West Virginia to go through their studies without difficulties. If you are a high school graduate and have met all the set requirements, then you could be awarded this full tuition scholarship to a West Virginia state university or college. The program scholarship award is also equal to an in-state private university.

Searching the internet will also reveal a host of other scholarship programs available to young students in the state of West Virginia. AmeriCorps is also another great organization that has been involved in providing financial aid to hundreds of college students in the state for the past years. Members in this group are awarded a total of $4,725 which could also help you as a single mother to pay for your college fees. You can also use the same money to repay your education loans in case you have any.

Single teenage mothers of the Italian decent could also apply and benefit from a $1000 scholarship award from the John and Mildred Peluso. It will however be important to note that his scholarship is awarded to those attending a university in West Virginia. If you are a high school senior, you could also apply for the McKelvey Foundation Entrepreneurial Scholarship. This award is only given to those who have their own businesses and this could be something that is possible for single teenage mothers. Unlike in the past when this would have been seen as impossibility, teenage males and females today have become entrepreneurs although this might not help cater for the different needs in the life of a single teenage mother.

As a West Virginia resident, you could be entitled to support from a number of need-based programs that are federal supported. This in return will help you make some savings which in return could be translated into your college tuition fees. One of these programs that you should consider includes the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families in West Virginia known as WV WORK. Single teenage mothers who are dependent financially and are at risk could be able to become self supporting thus giving you a chance to support yourself and your child.

Pell Grant is also another avenue for single mothers who might be in need of financial assistance to continue with their studies. Freshmen in college can also receive scholarship from the West Virginia Undergraduate Scholarship Office by the name PROMISE. The program helps students in junior and senior year students in college in addition to the sophomores. You can also search the web for many other different grant and scholarship programs which you might qualify for.

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