Government Child Care Offered to Single Mothers

Government Child Care Offered To Single Mothers

A mother’s wish is to see her child have the best in life, it’s an immaculate dream, but so often this is always determined by the weight of her pocket. If she has inadequacy of funds to support her children, then the wish dies and fades away in smoke. Single mothers end up facing this horror making them uneasy emotionally feeling that they aren’t worth being called mothers since they can’t provide the basic facilities for their children. The emotional suffering has made most of them to seek mental help, which has raised alarm in the United States. The government hasn’t denied the fact that this is a major issue that it has to deal with. Hence, it has come forth with structures and measures of trying to assist single mothers such as, offering child care. There are major ways the government has done this which include the following.

Awarding Scholarships.

In all states in this great republic of the United States of America every child who is performing well and comes from homes run by single mothers is offered a Scholarship award, which ensures that they capture that shining star in their lives which ultimately makes their dreams come true. This is a huge step for single mothers to have a smiling face that their children will have an education. What for those that are poor performing in class work? Well, that’s covered by the government too. Some students are poor in class work, but good in co-curricular systems, they too receive scholarships. This clearly shows how our American team is in the Olympics.

Free breakfast and lunch programs.

This is a system which has been there for a long time whereby, children from single families must have the best care there is in their schools. Instead, of just going to learn students whose families are run by single parents are guaranteed free breakfast and lunch, this is done to encourage them to attend school and learn with their stomachs full. This is the best idea because, you can’t teach an empty stomach.

Medical care.

Health services are very expensive to get, this poses immense pressure on common single mothers in the United States. The government has intervened on this part not fully though, but at least it covers some medical bills. On issues that are small to handle the government clears the bills, but those that require admission of the child the government only assist in paying certain percentages.


Housing in the United States is currently a major problem, most people have opted to seek refuge in churches and home shelters. This is due to renting or buying a house is expensive. Single mothers are the worst hit by this, however, to some extent the government comes to their aid once in a while, by giving their children a permanent place to stay through the social services.

I hope improvements where necessary will be done in the future. Anyway, for you single mothers there is a reason to smile, not every government in the world does this for her citizens. We should always wake up every morning and thank God for this wonderful nation.

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