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 There are times when you find yourself searching for a shelter and in these times, it seems harder to find those shelters. Whether your child and you are in a bad relationship and encountering domestic abuse, on the verge of losing your home, or it’s something more light heartened like trying to search for a new furry friend, Georgia has quite a few options out there for you. The important thing is you just spend the time to look for these shelters and it’ll make it that much easier for you.

Sometimes even after constant searches, you find yourself still searching for some sort of shelter in your area. So to help lessen the choices, I have provided a few choices for you to consider when searching for your shelter of choice.

Family Violence in Georgia
Location: Georgia
This is a list of family violence shelters in the state of Georgia, in different areas of Georgia. This is a good way to find just the right shelter in your area that will help you and your children with the situation you’re dealing with. I suggest at least giving this website a looking at and seeing if they provide any helpful results for you and if they don’t, you can enter your county and do a search for yourself.

Humane Society of Forsyth County, GA
Location: Forsyth County, GA
This is an animal shelter in Forsyth County and a great place to consider getting a pet. They have donation options, different types of animal programs, and both cats and dogs. Any information you would need about their pets is on their website and if you have more questions, you can visit the location or give them a call.

Georgia Homeless Assistance Directory
Location: Georgia
Now this is an option where you can search for homeless shelters in your county and hopefully find something in your area. This is good because it will help you find something no matter where you are and you can either go or call them.

Georgia SPCA
Location: Suwanee, GA
This is the SPCA in Suwanee, GA and it also has adoption options for cats and dogs. You can also volunteer if you want to, donate, be a foster home to pets, and there are a number of other things you can do to help out. Most importantly, there are several options with adoption for both cats and dogs.

Georgia Homeless Shelters
Location: Georgia
This is a list of more homeless shelters in Georgia. The reason I keep including lists is because I want you to be able to have choices when you choose a place. This is a good list to look at and see if you can find a place that will work for your child and you.

Now this list only provides a small amount of shelters but don’t be discouraged if you don’t see something in your location, there are dozens of shelters out there In Georgia for you to choose from. Call your authorities if you’re in a bad situation and don’t be afraid to protect your children and yourself. Don’t be afraid to use the internet or ask your community for shelters that are available to you or check your phone books.

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