Georgia – Donating To a Cause

Sometimes volunteering is not an option because of the lack of time you have but you still want to help your community and state in some way. Nobody can blame you, between work and kids, time runs short and sometimes spending extra time for volunteering just doesn’t fit in the schedule. So donating is the next best option because not only is it helping out another cause but it’s also making you feel better, and teaching your kids about the gift of giving.

How do I start?

Well you can ask around you libraries, your work place, and all around your community. The best option you can use is the searching the web so you can find just what kind of charity you want to donate to. To help you along in your search, I am going to list five options for you to consider and maybe you will use one of them. If not, you will at least have them for resources and more resources is never a bad thing.

Georgia Charity Guide: This is the ultimate guide to charities and you can search for charities through anyway of your choice. You can search by city, category, or any other means it has to offer and this is good for those who want to look at all options available to them.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Georgia: Now this is the Ronald McDonald house and their purpose is fairly obvious. They attempt to help sick children and make the parents of sick children more comfortable so donating to the Ronald McDonald house is never a bad thing if that’s what you decide you want to donate to.

Animal Georgia Charities Guide: Now is similar to the ultimate guide but it’s for the animal rescues and shelters. If you’re an animal lover, this is a good guide to check out so you can get a feel of the animal rescues out there and find one in your area, or you don’t have to even donate to one in your area. That’s the beauty of donating, you can donate to anywhere but you want to support your state, you can donate to any of them in your state.

Community Health Charities of Southeast: This is a good website to go to find good charities involving health, some in Georgia and some not. Now you can support this website or you can support the featured charity they feature on their website, whichever you want.

Catholic Charities: If you’re religious (or even if you’re not) this might be an option for you. Your donation support helps them provide therapeutic and community services to people in the community. So you can rest assured that your donations will go to a good cause.

There are thousands of charities and these are only a few of the charities out there so don’t feel hopeless if you’re not interested in anything listed here. The good thing is it’s not too hard to find charities, all you have to do is do a website or ask around your community for good charities to donate to. Either way, donating is a good way to help out charities and help the community overall.

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