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Nowadays it’s hard not to be busy, especially as a single mother of children in different ages. With working and having to have specific schedules, sometimes you can’t rely on family or friends to watch your kids. Either that or you don’t have family or friends to rely on so you’re left to find alternative solutions for that problem since we’re talking about children who are too young to be on their own or children who shouldn’t be on their own. Even knowing this, day care can be expensive and you just can’t cover the costs of it. Either way, you’re in luck because there are Georgia programs out there to help you with this issue.

Now finding these specific programs can be a little bit of a difficult task but with that being said, it’s not impossible. I’m going to provide you with some resourceful links to at least help you with the task of searching. I know this can be a search that tests your patience but hopefully these resources will help you in some way.

Georgia Subsidized Child Care Assistance
This website tells you more information about the child care subsidized assistance program and how it works. It has several links to information you should and could read, and has any information you might want or need. If this is the type of program you need, I suggest giving it a shot and perhaps taking a look at it.

Military Child Care: For Military Families
For Military families: This is an article and despite what it sounds like, it’s not a military style day but it explains assistance for military families who need child care for their kids while they’re off in the military. I know this one is a little different but military families deserve to be included too and I thought I would go different with this option. It provides you with information and includes lots of it, as well as links for your research. If you’re in the military and needing some kind of child care, it’s worth at least looking at.

Child Care in Georgia Resources
Now with this website, you can find child care and even summer camps for your children if you need to. This is a good resource if you would rather search on your own and you need to find some kind of care while you work but don’t know where to look.

Emergency Child Care Assistance Program
Now this gives you a little information on the emergency child care assistance program and what kind of help it can assist people in dire situations with. It provides the addresses, emails, and the link to the website where you can sign up for the program and is a good resource for those who need emergency child care for their child or children while they handle business.

These are only four options of several that are out there but I wanted to prove that it can be done if you have the patience to search. With work and little time, I realize that can be asking a lot, especially when you want to spend your free time with your children but after the kids go to bed and you have the time to yourself, you can find these programs and resources. If you don’t give up in your search, I’m confident you will find what you need.

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