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Georgia is one of those states that has a lot of historic charm and a farming friendly environment in some areas. It’s certainly understandable why anyone would want to move there, especially if you’re someone who had a busy lifestyle before since some areas of Georgia can be calm and quiet if that’s what you’re searching for. No matter what type of lifestyle you’re searching for, Georgia is sure to have it for you and your kids.

Now whether you already live in Georgia or are moving to Georgia from somewhere else, there are quite a few good cities to consider. I’m hoping the list I provide you with will help you narrow down your search and if nothing else, be somewhat of a resource for you.

1. Canton, GA
Canton has earned a spot on the list for a few reasons but one of those reasons is its historic features. Between a historic downtown to family friendly community events, this city has a lot going for it and appeals to families. One of the best things about Canton is it has low unemployment rates and low crime, making it fairly a safe place. The sales taxes here aren’t too terrible either so it’s definitely got a lot going for it and certainly worth a consideration.

2. Athens, GA
This city is a good consideration because of all the amenities and features it has for you to enjoy. The University of Georgia resides here, the Bear Hollow Zoo resides here, and there are a number of other activities to do here. The commute time is relatively low and the unemployment rates are as well so you have two more qualities to look at here.

3. Peachtree, GA
This city is just a lovely little area to consider from what I can see. It has quite a few outdoor activities, including bike paths, running paths, and such, and residents seem to like that. You can live an enjoyable life and actually afford it from what I have seen and residents appear to be overall happy here. The median household income is high and the crime rates are low so you can expect that you’re fairly safe if you live here.

4. Perry, GA
Perry is a cozy and smaller city but also a very welcoming city. It has that southern charm without giving away to any of the pressures of updating anything. It has the convenience of being close to major cities like Macon and Atlanta without actually being in those major cities. It’s ranked well in employment and also ranked fairly well in regards to safety so you can rest comfortably.

5. Fayetteville, GA
This city earned a spot on the list because of its low sales taxes and fairly low unemployment rates. The cost of living is a little bit on the higher side but so is the median household income. It’s a relatively small town but has a beautiful garden and a number of other amenities for your children and you to enjoy.

While this was a small list, I hope it provided as a useful resource for you and maybe helped you narrow down your search. There are definitely good areas in Georgia and some of them weren’t listed in this list so keep in mind that just because something isn’t listed doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just do your research on where ever it is you’re considering moving and weigh your pros and cons.

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