Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition with regards to Single Mothers in USA

A research study reports that single parent families, led by mothers, are majorly below the poverty line, all over the world, and the reports are worse, primarily due to the fact that the Federal Government’s capability restrictions. This leads to restrictions in access to food/Nutrition resources, both in terms of quality and quantity, and as a result, nutrition is badly hit. Such single mothers are at a high risk for a factor, which analysts refer to as food insecurity. Social support, Government programming and financial resources help in mitigating this issue to a manageable level. But another angle of research suggests that management of food rations within food insecure families might protect against poor nutritional practices.
Need for being healthy and nutritious:
Most single mothers have children below their legal age. This is actually the sole reason why it is essential to motivate yourself to care for their future. Low quality of food and nutrition eventually lead to health problems and so that may lead to additional expenses in mostly a tight situation. A great way is to spend the extra cent on a better product and in turn maintain your health and your child’s health. It is always advisable to refrain from any junk food, or unsafe practices such as alcohol or drugs, until you reach a situation of financial stability because they can cause an extra drain on your pocket, as well as deteriorate your health.
Necessities for proper food and nutrition:
As a single mom, it is necessary to feed yourself, and your child, who may be entirely dependant on you. Home made food is always the best and providing your children with home made food can greatly boost their food and nutritional needs. It is economical too. If you spend a moment on thinking, the burger you buy from the shack around the corner is nothing more than a couple of buns, between which a patty, a few greens and mayonnaise along with ketchup. Making this at home may require a bit more of effort and some time. And the taste you get by making a burger at home will be nowhere near to that you get at the fast food joint. The main reason is, such places compromise on the quality and nutrition aspects for cheaper and better tasting products. That is not worth the save in effort. As far as possible, make your food at home from raw materials. Fast food would be attractive and may provide a quick alternative. But it is never better. A can of coke can quench your thirst, on the other hand you are taking in more than 8 spoons of sugar into your body. Go for water. It is cheaper and comes with no side effects, and is obviously healthier. And always go for still water over sparkling water.
It is worthwhile noting that people who take care for their food/nutrition needs go on to ace at their workplace. Also a few minutes of refreshing exercises a day would work wonders. Health is wealth!

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