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Having a job is mandatory and there is no way around that factor, we all know that for sure. It’s bad enough when there’s two incomes coming in but when you’re a single mother with children, this is definitely true. Whether the issue is you’re not in love with your career job or you need a new job for some other reason, there are opportunities out there for you. Now even knowing that, the search and hiring process can be frustrating, especially when you’re searching for specific types of jobs.

I have high hopes that this article will at least be a good resourceful article you can use for your information when searching for a job. While I do recommend checking out the common job searching websites such as career builders and monster, there are other websites you can search as well.

Employ Florida Marketplace
website: https://www.employflorida.com/vosnet/Default.aspx
Now this is a website you sign up for where you upload your resume and look for jobs. You can also look for job training and education opportunities, and see what options are available for you in regards to that. There’s no doubt this site could be of good use to you no matter what you use it for and I suggest at least giving it a shot.

Career Source Florida
website: http://careersourceflorida.com/
With this website, you can also search for jobs or if you’re an employer, you can find talent for your businesses or the position you’re hiring for. This is a good website to consider if you’re wanting to try out websites out there and there appears to be quite a few success stories with this websites if you’re interested in trying it out.

People First
website: https://jobs.myflorida.com/joblist.html
Now this is a searching website where you can search under the job category you wish to search for. You can search under any region so this option is for any Florida resident and isn’t limited to anyone. It’s worth a shot searching if nothing else.

Jobing: Search Jobs
website: http://florida.jobing.com/
This website is another searching option for you and is also worth a shot if nothing else. You know how these websites go, you put in the keywords if you choose, use the advanced options if you choose and see what options come up. Sometimes these sites are a good option and sometimes they’re not but they’re decent websites.

Careers and Hospital: Florida Hospital
website: https://www.floridahospital.com/careers
This is for those interested in opportunities with the Florida hospitals. It has many options in Orlando but also lists a few options for other locations as well. If this is an option you’d be interested in and you have the qualifications for it, definitely consider it.

While I’m aware these are only a few options, I suggest you do your own searches because you’re more aware of what is best for you. You would know what schedule and what kind of job you’re willing to accept, not anyone else. Just be aware there are many possibilities out there and don’t be afraid to use them to your advantage.

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