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Sometimes you don’t have the time to volunteer even though you would like to help out your community that way, and you would like to involve your kids in the process. With a busy life, providing for a child as a single mother, working, paying bills and everything else, that doesn’t leave time for much else though. Nobody faults you for that and you do have to set your main priorities straight, which is of course understandable. So now you’ve decided to donate to organizations because while it isn’t volunteering, it’s the next best thing.

What options are available though?

There are options to almost everything you can think of. I’m here to make you aware of some of the options available and while I won’t provide links to those actually charitable organizations, maybe it will help you make up your mind what you what to Donate to.

Clinics, Hospitals and Children’s Hospitals: These places like the Ronald McDonald house and other such places are there to help people who are ill. Their purpose is clear and the ones that treat severely ill patients sometimes take donations. These types of places are always good to donate to and it’s such a good cause.

American Red Cross or Salvation Army: Now these organizations don’t need much of an introduction, these organizations always come aid when disasters happen. American Red Cross is one of the most reliable charitable organizations out there and Salvation Army is not far behind.

Food Banks and Homeless Shelters: Food banks help feed those who don’t have money to feed themselves and homeless shelters help provide shelter to those who are homeless. Despite what some believe, the majority of these people aren’t this way because they don’t want to work or because they got lazy, but a lot of times they couldn’t prevent the situation from happening and these places help them in their struggles. These places are always good to donate to.

Animal Shelters and Rescues: These places obviously rescue and shelter animals and some of the more locally owned Florida ones are no-kill shelters. Animals are innocent the majority of the time and they act out on instant or on what their owners have taught them. These places do their best to save animals and put them into good homes just like their deserve. This is a great option for animal lovers and always a good cause.

Nature related organizations: If you’re a nature fanatic, there are many nature related organizations all over the country that you can donate to. There organizations usually revolve around protecting the environment, protecting nature, and causes like that. This is a good option for nature lovers and environment enthusiasts.

Now this is only a few options available but if you really look, there are charities for everything and the majority have donation options available for you. Just search the internet for what options are available and see what you have going for you in your area or you don’t even have to donate to a charity in your area. You can donate to a charity in any area and that’s the great thing about charity.

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