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It has finally reached that day where your child is looking into colleges and universities, or maybe it is you who is considering going back to college. Maybe you’re considering furthering your education to improve your job opportunities. Whoever it is that is going to college, having that education betters your chances for a better job. Colleges can sometimes even provide assistance with the line of work you’re attempting to get in, as long as that’s the program or degree you’re studying for. Florida has an endless amount of colleges and universities and a lot of the options are very good options. The bad news is like with anywhere, college can cost a good deal of money. That shouldn’t frighten you from colleges and universities since these colleges will sometimes help you pay for it.

I hope that within this article, these five options I prove you with will at least give you a good idea of some of the decent colleges and universities out there. While, I am only listing five, there are many other good options out there and I believe you should do your own research to find them. In the meantime, maybe these options will help start the process.

Stetson University
website: http://www.stetson.edu/home/
This university is located in DeLand, FL and has four colleges across central Florida with a primary undergraduate campus which is located Deland. It is in the top ranking universities and has more than 60 degrees and minor programs to choose from.

University of Central Florida
website: http://www.ucf.edu/
This university is located in Orlando, FL and is classified as a public research university. UCF is a space grant and has made recognizable contributions to different types of research. It has many programs to choose from, excellent academics, and many people from here graduate with great experiences.

Rollins College
website: http://www.rollins.edu/
This college is located in Winter Park, FL and it is a liberal arts college. It is member of many educational programs and is a legit accredited college. The rankings are fairly high and you can choose between a variety of programs in the realms of liberal arts.

Florida State University
website: http://www.fsu.edu/
This university is based in Tallahassee, FL and is separated into 16 colleges, 110 centers, facilities, labs, and institutes. It offers more than 300 programs of studies, including some professional programs to choose from. The Florida State University is nationally ranked for its academic programs.

Eckerd College
website: http://www.eckerd.edu/
This college is located in St Petersburg, Florida and it is a four year liberal arts college. The campus has several architectural styles and it is committed to more environmental friendly campuses. While known for specific programs, it covers the entire spectrum of the liberal arts area.

I have mentioned this above, there are many good options but I did only list five of them and that doesn’t mean other colleges are not worthy. Just consider what you need and want, and take that into consideration when doing your own searches. Some people are more worried about the university life style while others don’t find that as important. Some people are more worried about how many awards a college has been recognized for while others don’t think about that. Whatever it is you consider, I’m confident you will find what is the best fit for you and/or your kid(s).

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